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Remove a few characters, recompile and run. Ok, but you should really open a thread on the openhantek forum here: Hi Fabio, I only see the bad triggering when the waveform is expanded so only the trigger edge shows on the screen. When setting an offset slider at the very top of the scope, afterwards it becomes hard to move the slider down again. The whole design is quite easy to understand, and the most interesting thing to hack is the actual CPLD clocking to allow for a higher single shot sample rate.

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The failure almost always shows up on the left side as and edge that arrives ahead of the actual trigger condition. I do have a DS handy to do some further investigation. I then tried to dwo-2090 and install but I never can go further than. The analog multiplexer is controlled by hanhek CPLD, and there seems to hantwk a couple of clamping diodes D1, the other is bottom mounted into both signal paths from the frontend to the multiplexer.

There may well be some simple feedback arrangement of logic gates on a sixteen bit shift register that produces this kind output. Much cheaper then a real scope. If you are using my repo there is a clock hack on it, just revert the last commit git revert HEAD and rebuild.


This especially with regard to autodependcies. The next value will be ! Show More Show Less.

Hantek 40MHz PC Based USB Oscilloscope

Thanks for all the useful information and good conversation! I find it interesting that you use Slackware. When setting an offset slider at the very top of the scope, afterwards it becomes hard to move the slider down again. DSO Fully Welded 2. However, the relay sounds are audible only on channel 2 and not channel 1. We need to remember that this is jumping around in a linear array of bytes. There are also a hajtek things on my nice-to-have list.

HT25COP coil-on plug and signal probe can catch the ignition waveform of automobile engine easily. Thanks for all the good conversation and useful information! The waveform and trigger index are now uploaded. I went with the openhantek version because it was obviously cleaner. Seems ADC etc is working kind offseems the reference voltage or something similar is seriously messed up.

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Thanks for signing in, John. This sequence transform is recursive so the only other way I could think of is to use a lookup table — or maybe partial lookup tables hooked together with some logic gates. Show less Show more.


Hantek DSO-2090 Oscilloscope

Product Registration After-sales service Questions. I find this disturbing because seeing accurate representation of pulse edges is a fso-2090 use for me. The inverse of the this XOR shift operation is very simple — just start on the left side and shift right.

First — the current position in the buffer is saved in the CPLD because that will be needed to calculate the trigger position in the upload buffer later on. I got the and have been playing with it using the Windows software.

But the problem for me is that I require stable basic operation under XP.

Inside a Hantek DSO USB Oscilloscope | fabiobaltieri

I have verry good soldering skills, but have no real idea about the inner workings of the scope, so thanks for the useful info. Rso-2090 might be an acceptable way to have the modded scope supported by mainline sigrok. I would be very surprised that a 60 mhz part would work at over twice its rated speed.