February 2, 2019


Again, can’t tell if the prompt was there originally or not, as the card was in UEFI only system that doesn’t care about add-in boot ROMs. I will check if the flashing was done properly. Don’t know why, perhaps not supported on ? I would really like to upload a dump of my firmware. High-performance RAID storage controllers with features and flexibility that systems designers need. I would like to find out a bit more about the controller.

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This is by far the most detailed forum about the issues of that particular board, really not deserving the Asus brand I would like to mzrvell out a bit more about the controller. The Autoload has a section for subsystem ID. Many thanks for your answers in advance.

NVMe mod succesfully works but not in 1. Each controller supports two to four multiple ports for SSD or HDD connectivity for consumer desktop motherboards and consumer electronic products. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with this!


Forum – RE: Problems Updating firmware of Marvell Sata controller – 16

Tue Dec 22, 1: It showed the incoming end existing FW component versions and the successful message after the flash. In your case, it would have been difficult, next maevell impossible, to obtain a working Autoload forgiven the missing backup.

RoughBoy Show info Posts:. I actually have that image in my collection.

Sadly, no one is backing up those firmwares, when they ask for help it is usually too late, the original firmware is gone. I noticed the and images are smaller in size than the original you provided, perhaps something to pcue with it? Please 91120 a reason for warning. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. What is it for?

What is the python tool you use to dump the sections of a BIOS image for those boards? The method I used to flash was the go.

I tested the two new image versions you provided, but sadly neither of them made the disks visible. Here are the advices: Tue Dec 22, I wouldn’t take that screen as a representative sample. I will try to make new images ofandthis time without jarvell inner Firmware, which is marevll either way on Thanks anyway so far! Mon Nov 02, 8: A0 of Marvell controller, use ImageA0.


SATA Controllers

Also thought of buying a second card and just copying the flash from it. Thu May 07, 9: First of all thank you lordkag, the card is again alive!

Only thing I can think marvelp is that your card needs a special Autoload or a special Loader, which I’m unable to find in my collection or elsewhere.

It’s a ASUS external pci-e x4 card btw backup: I managed to program the flash chip with your imageA0. It might be just a communication or settings problem.

Please enter a reason for warning. Zitat Now I deleted 1b4b: