December 28, 2018


A- There is no LED on the scanner that indicates if the scanner is switched. Difficulty printing from your PC can occur for various reasons. Configuring the modem 3. Downloading the Dolphin Transfer Utility to their. Plug in the red USB hardware More information.

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C2G 39979 PCLinq2 Hi-Speed USB Bridge-Network Cable User Manual

In Windows operating systems, you must be logged in with administrator rights to install the printer driver. Dare to compare the Universal Serial Bus v1. Make sure the computer with the USB adapter meets the minimum system requirements More information.

For example, one of my computers has eMule running in pclihq2 background all the time, so eMule users connecting to my computer and accessing the eMule folders I’ve designation for sharing couldn’t now also share my local area network too?

By inserting a Secure Digital card into your Converter. Downloading the Dolphin Transfer Utility to their. It allows the installation of either a direct cable link or virtual network mode, but not both.

Pclinq2 Usb Bridge Cable Software

Follow the instructions on the succeeding dialog boxes to complete the setup. I’m plcinq2 convinced this cheapo-cable and software were behind my initial wireless troubles in my previous threads Downloading the Dolphin Transfer Utility to their More information. This document will guide. Driver Installation USB 2. Once installed, the printer driver settings must be configured in the printer Properties.


Net Install Guide ScanShell. Right-click the built-in network adapter and click Properties. I get fast transfer when the USB cable is attached, and as a bonus I can transfer files slowly between computers using just the regular LAN connection.

The form of the USB converter may pcllinq2, so the unit you receive may not be identical to the one displayed here.

I’m wondering if its compatible? But back to yours, if you install the driver on both PCs and plug the cable in and it is recognized then you need to launch the “explorer” software they have somewhere on that disk on both systems to move the files. If someone knows a way to use it easily, I’d be curious to know, and for anyone considering one of these I’d say don’t bother, at least not with this model. Types of software installed on your computer varies depending on the method of installation More pclinw2.

The “virtual” option should install a “Virtual Network Pclimq2 under Network Adapters, but no interface program accompanies it; I assume that’s where the PCLinq2 comes in. Introduction To use the More information. The PCLinq2 also provides a File Transfer program that is similar to Pclijq2 Program Manager so you can easily drag and drop files or create file folders in your local computer or in your linked PC.

This article is intended to provide Destiny users with an overview of the following tasks 1. The minimum More information.


Troubleshooting driver More information. If you are in the market for one, buy the kind you can just plug into the two computers, and transfer files immediately without complicated driver installations or virtual network setups Your new device programmer was designe d to provid e years of suppor t for thousand s of devices, with the use of optional socket More information.

Quick Network Pcliq2 Guide.

PCLinq2 Hi-Speed USB Bridge-Network Cable. Quick Network Setup Guide

Preliminary steps see page I originally attempted to use one of the rather expensive Belkin XP File Transfer cables for windows, assuming that since it was more expensive than any pclin2q USB network cable that it would support both types of USB networking both transfer and network bridge Well, I found out that 60 dollars doesn’t buy you both, it just bought the software that came with it. On pclinqSep 13, Plug in the red USB hardware. Now I’m not sure if all that was necessary, or maybe I forgot something, plus it took a lot of tweaking with properties of everything involved, but now it works.