The Rules of Play. The current version in play is Newest Version of the rules goes active Amtgard wide January 1st, Rulebook. Amtgard V8 Rules Documents. V8 Rule Books and Change Logs. Current Rules: V8 Current. Early Playtest Editions: V8 Rules ยท V8 to Change Log. please consider the following when reading through this rulebook, and when applying the rules on the feld: 1. Amtgard requires cooperation, honor, and fair play.

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An exception to this rule occurs when a player chooses to “post” amtgare of kneeling, which is the normal requirement upon being struck in the leg. The ditch battle, or trench battle, is a simple form battle that involves weapon use only, not full class play. A hit from a weapon does not decrease a “hit point” total, but instead disables the location struck.

It was not a single piece of paper, that item was a promotional handout providing an overview of Peter La Grues Amtgard first used at the El Paso Comicon in Armor breaking rulebok will remove one point of armor from a location with more than three points, and all remaining points from a location with 3 or less points.

Amtard grants anywhere from 1 to 6 points to a covered hit location. Sword, Serpent, Crown, and Flame. If a Magic Caster wishes to use weapons save daggers or armor, he must purchase them using spell points.

Knighthood is not guaranteed upon qualifying, as the award is intended to recognize character as well as achievement. Two important structures in Amtgard culture are the Fighting Company and the Household, both voluntary memberships. Reminder, ALL documents here are free to ruleboo, for personal use.


If a player struck in the leg is kneeling and then raises the wounded knee off the ground, it is a valid target. Some awkward bits existed, for instance healers had to have a scroll with their spell written on it.

Players can increase the abilities of their characters by going up in level; a player’s level is determined by the length of game time they have played that particular class and by the passing of a guild test given by the head of the guild to which their class belongs. Contents 1 The Rules of Play 1.

Easygard Mobile Amtgard

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. However, ONLY contracted Amtgard groups are permitted to make multiple copies of any of them for use within their lands. As an example, someone who is very generous and works hard to benefit the province of Amtgard as a whole may gain Orders of the Rose.

From Wikipedia, the amgard encyclopedia. Languages Svenska Edit links. Correction – The first Amtgard rulebook 1. Each has different criteria, with some minor variations from Kingdom to Kingdom. Retrieved from ” https: After attaining 10 Orders of the Rose, one is eligible to be given the title Master of the Rose.

Though much simpler, it identified the basic tenets incorporated into every rulebook to date.

Spell amtgardd are used to purchase various “Magics” which vary from a healing spell to the ability to turn an ally into an Undead Minion. Heimdale Haroldsson Jan Archived copy as title Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August Amtgarders often create their own garb and equipment.


Amtgard V8 Rules Documents

Regular weapon hits to covered locations remove a single point of armor, however, several classes, spells and creatures are able to remove additional points per blow.

This page was last edited on 20 Novemberat Amtgard’s honor system includes not only awards but titles and ranks as well. The most sought after title in Amtgard is that of Knight.

Armor receives a rating based on the type of armor and materials and techniques used to construct it. The first rule book was a single sheet of paper, the first published and codified rulebook.

In contrast to the 8 “Melee” classes, Magic Casters receive spell points at each level.

8.0 Rulebook

Amtgard is named after two very good friends of Peter La Grue’s from his Emarthnguarth days, Matthew and Katy Amt, who now participate in Roman Legion recreations on the east coast. As well as information that we would expect to find in our corpora today.

What remains to us from rulenook includes the basic tenets of our game today. These funds went right into his pocket and became a very sore spot of contention with club members. Combat involving armor is simple in Amtgard.