The Analects by Confucius, part of the Internet Classics Archive. quotes from The Analects: ‘The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.’. One of the most influential books of all time, The Analects of Confucius collects the sayings and wisdom of the Chinese philosopher and his followers.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. The Master was pleased. What sort of life is most conducive to happiness? Upon leaving, once he had gone down one step, his countenance became relaxed, and he appeared to be contented. Confucius believed that the social chaos of his time was largely due to China’s ruling elite aspiring to, and claiming, titles of which they were unworthy. There is the love of firmness without the love of learning;-the beclouding here leads to extravagant conduct.

Will the people let you ignore the ones you don’t know of?

The simple-minded of antiquity were straightforward; the simple-minded of today are liars. He readily makes friends, but doesn’t belong to a clique. With a black robe he wore a black sheepskin mantle: I take it as an episode in the midst of an excursion perhaps for the explicit purpose of hunting, or not by Zi Lu and Confucius where the opportunity shows itself for them to catch a hen pheasant.

Therefore, the superior man does not practice them.

When respect is shown according to what is proper, one keeps far from shame and disgrace. He adjusts his clothes and cap, and throws a dignity into his looks, so that, thus dignified, he is looked at with awe;-is not this to be majestic without being fierce? I shall go ride a raft on the ocean— and I imagine You would go with me.


When these things proceed from the princes, as a rule, the cases will conufcius few in which they do not lose their power in ten conffucius. Preview — The Analects by Confucius. This is the competition of the noble man. Yang Ho wished to see Confucius, but Confucius would not go to see him. When bad government oc, he was like an arrow. Anakect regard to the use of his eyes, he is anxious to see clearly. Though I don’t have ministers, you would make it appear that I have them?

But it is inquiring deeply into their meaning that is important. This is a case of delusion. Although his food might be coarse rice and vegetable soup, he would offer a little of it in sacrifice with a grave, respectful air.

He did not transfer confuciuss anger; he did not repeat a fault. Why must one read books before he can be considered to have learned? If I associate not with these people,-with mankind,-with whom shall I associate?

If for three years he abstains from music, music will be ruined. The Duke Ling of Wei asked Confucius about tactics.

We are experiencing technical difficulties. If you were to govern in this way, the people would come flocking to your kingdom, carrying their babies on their backs.

To think and not study is dangerous.

The Analects Quotes

Thus, one of the greatest qualities to be possessed by teacher, a supervisor, a judge, a company owner, or the leader of any social or is that of fairness, or justice, in treating those over whom he or she has power or influence. To be rich without being proud is easy. No matter what kind of simple fare it might be, such as coarse rice or broth, he would always make an offering, doing so with due solemnity.


It is better to be mean than conrucius be insubordinate. But is it so with him?

He did not chat while eating, and did not talk after retiring. Confucius believed that ren could best be cultivated by those who had already learned self-discipline, and that self-discipline was best learned by practicing and cultivating one’s understanding of li: If you get familiar with them, they lose their humility; if you are distant, they resent it.

The Analects of Confucius; translated by James Legge

If he does not forget his old friends, the people too, will not be fickle. Chi Wan thought thrice, and then if. Are not filial piety and obedience to elders fundamental to the actualization of fundamental human goodness?

The student, having completed his learning, should apply himself to be an officer. The virtue of other men is like a small hill, which can be climbed over. A man in a superior situation, having valor without righteousness, will be guilty of insubordination; one of the lower people having valor without righteousness, will commit robbery.

The Analects

This use of the term ren is peculiar to the Analects. Please speak as the others have. But it is self-transformation according to it that is important. If a man has no ren what can his music be like? But I have enough power to drag his carcass out into the middle of the marketplace. Is he not ajalect If he have not gained his confidence, the prince will think that he is vilifying him.