Sidney Sheldon’s Angel of the Dark [Tilly Bagshawe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Once again, author Tilly Bagshawe takes up the. Once again, author Tilly Bagshawe takes up the mantle of the late, great Sidney Sheldon—and again, she succeeds magnificently. Written in the inimitable Sh. At the start of Bagshawe’s intriguing third Sidney Sheldon homage (after ‘s Sidney Sheldon’s After the Darkness), police answering a.

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This was my interpretation.

Sidney Sheldon’s Angel of the Dark by Tilly Bagshawe

But, I am irritated. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

There were too many characters that I sometimes I had to re-read to antel who I am reading about. That is when she cooked up the name Sofia Basta. Overall, I enjoyed the novel, but it did leave me with an weird taste in my mouth and the pure evil and darkness that tiply and is acted upon in some people. And I ended up hating Matt, more than the killer! Now 10 years later Danny is working with Interpol in France and has put Angela Jakes out of his mind and has found happiness with a fellow officer named Celine.


O Ok seriously, I could have just looked past the huge loopholes that other reviewers have pointed if tillly Tilly Dsrk could have told us who manipulated whom?

Could it mean that Frankie skipped out of jail somehow and killed him? I found it a bit tedious at times and not a book I would read again. The plot is astounding. I think it’s better not to tell those stories, and just tell little pieces of the story in between.

Sidney Sheldon’s Angel of the Dark

Can surely read through, nothing to crib about. Why was he killed and by who?

Reading serial killer thrillers is a guilty pleasure for me, and for the tillj or worse, I often indulge in it. And I will leave my bitcoin recommended by good mythical morning, replacement for “2 cents” there.

Notify me of new posts via email. The evidence points to a single killer—a brilliant and ruthless criminal who travels across the globe under a string of tully identities, cleverly keeping one step ahead of the law. I didn’t like the end at all. In spite of the geographic appropriation of the assaults, there are interesting likenesses, and after a short time, Maguire is persuaded he’s on the trail of one rilly executioner. Nevertheless they did help push the story forward.

Book Review — Angel of the Dark by Sidney Sheldon & Tilly Bagshawe | The Life Stories

Once again, author Tilly Bagshawe takes up the mantle of the late, great Sidney Sheldon–and again, she succeeds magnificently. Jakes’ unacknowledged son has a lead, and soon, several seemingly copycat crimes are leading Maguire to Rome, Hong Kong and Dubai. First of all, the cover.


It should be 2. This is how i sum bagsawe this book. I like sub-story plots, but the one in Bagshwe I was hooked the moment I picked it up even as I waded through the lies, violence, and graphic murders.

PLUS – what kind of a moron is he to actually be in love with a killer?!?! So it turned out that even after Francis is dead, there is a killing going on Carlos. I would only recommend it to readers who enjoy a good mystery yet are not put off tye violence and graphic murders.

I can’t understand him. Never mind, I started reading the book, supposed to be based on notes left by Sheldon when he died in Only if I hadn’t read epilogue then I would have given at least 3 stars.