An introduction to armanen rune magic, free rune reading course. He is the author of Das Geheimnis der Runen (The Secret of the Runes), which “The row of 18 “Armanen runes”, also known as the “Armanen futharkh” came. Meanings of the Armanen runes – including name, image, sound, casting meaning and what the rune stands for.

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The same could also be said for the Armanen rune row of course. Newer Post Older Post Home. Cyrus the Strong November 17, at 9: Edith Sepulveda December 27, at After all, it is just amanen take on the subject. If you do, just be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions.

The time has come, yer second skin. Dig deep enough, and if honest, you too will see that regardless of what you personally think of him, List was indeed a pioneer and a visionary. A Controversial Rune Row? The surviving Norwegian, Icelandic, and Anglo-Saxon rune poems don’t say anything explicitly about the magickal meanings or uses of the runes.

Yet I find another calling for more meaning to this Initiation into the Mysteries?

Armanen Runes – Rune Meanings

Sigurd’s Son March 28, at However, there was no evidence to support his claim. However, it is not the intention of this article to prove rightly or wrongly as to this belief. It is also a rune of success and victory.

The “shiny pitch black” is something many do see, it is a reflection of the Black Sun, in which many of the mysteries of Armanenschaft are armnen in their purest and most intangible form.

The darkness seems to be of a shiny pitch black fore-everness, and some kind of beckoning lures me forward, inward, away form the cattle and yoke-men. Cyrus the Strong April 27, at 7: As mentioned before, the interpretation of the positions of these runes may vary agmanen on the rune in question. Now you can listen to the amazing effects of this innovative approach using third-tones instead of half-tones in compositions, which most certainly will be an incredible new musical experience that you have never had before!

Only once finding the Armanen Runes, as an esoteric and meta-cultural system, did I begin to have an appreciation for the “Elder” and all other Rune-rows for runds magickal and cultural resonance. The Armanen runes are the only runic system that is both a historically AND culturally grounded living system – with or without official sanction from ivory towers.

After years armnen working on the problem of deciphering the deeper, sub-surface meanings of the Runes and the many Runic spells left into carved stones by ancient Teutons and Vikings, the Odinic ordering hidden meanings of the runes were revealed to him.


Kasen [ citation needed ] have all furthered the effort to remove any racist connotations previously espoused by pre-war Armanen rune masters. For the English speaking world and information on the Uthark system, please see note 9.

That person was Dunes von List, an author, journalist, archaeologist, mountaineer, historian, poet, playwright, mystic, occultist, minor nobleman, and prominent founding father of modern Germanic heathenry.

There are, however, some disadvantages to this system. Because of their power, Runes or Rune-like symbols, have been part of religious systems in the past as well as they are in present times. Long story short, the 12th rune of the 18 runes in the Havamal is eunes warrior rune – it refers to sacrifice, resurrection, reversal of defeats, and contact with the slain – in other words, the very essence armqnen Tyr, both the rune and the God.

Indeed, the older rune rows are extremely worthy of study; this is not disputed, certainly not by myself, and it would be erroneous not to do so, but they are no more worthy of study rujes, for example, this latter day revealed runic row of the Armanen, for it all depends on ones inner calling and if they work and talk to you directly, passionately, and sincerely.

The 12 rune is the rune of the “harvest” of knowledge, or harvest of the fall warriors. Is it the Eye of Odin himself, sacrificed to the endless dark depths of Mimisbrunnr, seeing all and yet allowing few to see part of the way back?

Marc Jones November 4, at 3: I know, many followers of religious creeds cannot reciprocate that courtesy, and that is their decision, which I respect. Nevertheless, the esoteric meaning and symbolism of the negative positions is unchanged.

The Armanen runes continue in use today in esotericism and in currents of Germanic neopaganism. I know those secrets now.

This eleven-month span of temporary blindness and recovery was a time of rest, meditation, and the opening of List’s “third eye”in the absence of having the use of his two physical eyes. Do you know how to carve them?

Armanen runes – Wikipedia

As more and more people both heathens and non-heathens become aware of the true story of List, Armsnen mysticism, and the Odinic Runes – and how it has no connection at all to the eclectic runee nonsense being peddled by many new-age authors – the way is opened for an increased awareness of this, arguably most powerful, of Rune systems.


However I would probably see if there’s some other carving I can use as the “disguise” besides an icon of a saint. The symbolism of the Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes has more than just one esoteric structure as its basis: I have all 18 Stadagaldr postured up on here, as well as the Galdr post. I lean forward and find in my heart a resonant signature to this beckoning, yet I gauge my pace and walk as if armnen slow motion.

Category:Armanen runes

In fact, their simplicity, and at the same time their complex effects, pointed to the fact that these abstractions were of a pre-linguistic, in some situations even non-linguistic characteristic. Do you know how to spend for them? This, too, connects with the number of the Sacred Futhork, Camp of the Knights of Runes.

In Runs, they were totally unknown.

Odin actually did this two ways – one was by sacrificing an eye to Mimir’s head and drinking of the well, the other was by raising a Vala or Volva from the dead presumably through the use of the Tyr rune, or perhaps Ur, both of which relate on some level to contacting the dead, so it’s possible that the narrative in the Voluspa takes place after Odin had already found the Runes.

Hailsa Kindered, I’m on the verge of an epiphany, the Armanen Runelore are calling me, like a Message coming from the Gods, I need to be Initiated into the Secret Mysteries, the passion and emotion is great, overwhelming in fact, yet the Calling calms my Soul, Enlightens me to great Thoughts, please help me in my Path There is no lore at all for the “Elder” Futhark, whose modern meanings are a mix of reconstructed Proto-Germanic forms of the first 24 of the Anglo-Saxon poem’s rune meanings, and a few Armanen insights along the way.

Most current interpretations of the “Elder” runes are based on the “Younger” and Anglo-Saxon poems late Christian writings and also the literal, reductionist way that modern Christian or Secularist academics think about ancient symbols – they IMAGINE that ancient Germanic peoples would have thought the same way, but they are likely dead wrong.

Magick of the Future Course. All of this ultimately relates to Odin’s esoteric journey, his sacrifice of himself to himself, to gain precious, and sometimes dangerous knowledge. But in that case if you are healing, I would prefer sending it in whichever means will suit the need.