HONOUR. DESIRE. VENGEANCE. Aryavarta – the ancient realm of the noble. For generations, the Firstborn dynasty of scholar-sages, descendants of Vasishta . Maybe I am a little late to the party but could not resist answering this question as I have read one series and attmepted to read the other but failed. First about. Krishna Udayasankar is a Singapore-based Indian author, known for her modern retelling of Mahabharata through the novels Govinda, Kaurava and Kurukshetra. The three books collectively comprise The Aryavarta Chronicles.

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Let me tell you its not completely retelling of Mahabharata, its just set in the mahabharata world and author tries to find out “historical” aspects of Mahabharata than that aryabarta “mythological” one. T or Iravati Karve. In most places, Shikandin is treated as a trans-gender, but here the author treats him as a brave and fearless warrior on par with Govinda, who is misunderstood by many others, including his father.

By all means copy Amish Tripathi but make sure that ur even half way near to his wits and intelligence.

Credit mush be given to the author for even attempting it. Apr 19, Arun Divakar rated it it was ok. The storyline builds up upon the rift between two sects of people, the Firstborn and the Firewrights.

You could picture most of the landscapes and situations she aryavartz about and you gain a clear view of the palaces, grounds and the geography. The fans of B.


Govinda (The Aryavarta Chronicles, #1) by Krishna Udayasankar

And I was shocked to read that Rukmini was chroincles by Pradyumna. This book deals with the tales on how Lord Krishna or as depicted in this book, Govinda with the help of the five Pandava brothers, manages to overthrow the then Emperor Jarasandha and remake the glorious Aryavarta in their own terms.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. There are many absurd instances in the book that is quite not digestible and contradicting ‘Mahabharata’.

It is a story of a mortal cowherd chronnicles an extra-ordinary intellect. Will the true lineage of the First born again reign over the kingdom? Was the massacre of FireWrights justified?

Krishna Udayasankar – Wikipedia

agyavarta She considers this work a logical interpretations to the symbolic happenings as mentioned in the original work of Vyas. Sep 28, Harsha Priolkar rated it liked it Shelves: The world settings as well as the political structure are very effectively described for the readers to understand the why and what about the land.

Cant write a detailed review as I had no strength and willingness to wrack my brain or time over this. The characters and their relationships with others have been developed extremly well.

Obviously i had idea that it is based on Mahabharata as the book title is “govinda” I have never read such a powerful writing from any chroniclds indian author when it comes to mythology sub fantasy genre. Three stars for merits, not based on my enjoyment. But in reality, each story teller adds or substracts certain things to the story, giving it individuality, making it new and yet retaining the age old essence.


Udayasankar is an excellent writer. I think this book will be a good surprise to most readers however for those looking for an interpretation closer to the canonical story might not find it here aryabarta might be disappointed. Would definitely recommend this book!

Krishna Udayasankar

But surprise awaited me at every turn of the page. Lists with This Book.

In a satisfactory change — her marriage here is to Dharma the eldest Pandava brotherand not to all the five, a fact that disturbed me endlessly in the original. Highly recommended, specially for enthusiasts of I Fascinating world building. Paperbackpages. A towering intellect, a Yogi who aimed to be and thought himself dispassionate, but a man nevertheless, not a god. Trivia About Govinda The Arya Review There has to be a law against writing and releasing books in parts – it is sheer torture to be kept waiting for the next one!

Hunting between the stacks at my library on Saturday, I came across a new series where Krishna was an assassin sent to take revenge on the Asuras by the Devas imagine Krishna as Liam Neeson: The epic has been etched in our memories with the excellent TV series and the millions of comic and graphic renditions.