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Used to think a portion of the principles explained from the book are common sense, however i found that could the simple for an individual to react quickly to conflicts. Panchang muhurtas are available for only few subjects. Happening Required Date 1 Marriage took place, then ended in divorce. This book is particularly beneficial for those who are implementing their businesses and close relationships.

That is why the person-specific guidelines for all persons are different. Immediately I understood what had happened and told them, Whatever you have done was all in the favorable periods.

Explanation of some Main subjects A and secondary subjects B, C connected with them with examples- 1. So, I started using this type of one. There are three types in estate- 1 Purchased by ancesters, 2 purchased from own earning, 3 received without efforts, rental.

If we think of happiness in life, then marriage is an important subject. A group of persons kept detailed records for one year and checked at the end of the year.

Nobody can know destiny of anyone, nor can it be changed. C- Happiness of relatives, financial, How much expence. What will be the result of hundred astrologers giving the prediction for same question? These are in line with his destiny. You then can take out print-out at your end. As per our experience, I am giving collection of other subjects to be connected with main subjects. As per need, for the start use this Graph-pair.


Apparently some shortcuts are used which cause error. Importance of doing the work in favorable period is obvious. In this generally aim is any of the follows- Vehicle should turn out to be good piece and should prove useful for many years, no major injury should happen due to accident, if it is for commercial use then it should prove profitable, legal difficulties from accident on road should not arise.

He wants answer to- Should I do it or not? Favorable periods common in two Graphs are given, so it is mentioned as Graph-pair. Main thing is that if some work does not succeed, or goes against, then the resulting mental, financial, physical distress will be much less and its value cannot be measured by money.

In the Graph of son, date of fathers death should be bad in graph 32, but it should be good in sons Graph But we need what Shastra is telling. But he does not ask it separately, it is unspoken.

In the list that appears, tick mark 9 subjects as described above and click on SEND. This only is the basis of Jeevanmargdarshan method.

36 JodGraph MHE

Subjects A- Bodily ailment, One as required from family happiness, 1- Hereditary illness, Mysterious ailment B- Children, Profession, business. Published on Nov View Download 9. Service, employment- If date of joining the job is favorable in mhs, it will overall give happiness of permanent nature.

It is easy to send same information from our website. There are many people daily trading on line in the share market. Out of 43 subjects in the list, up to 9 subjects only are to be given here. But average gain for all was i. I suggest this book if you would like to boost your talent with folks. Include in 9 subjects as a precaution. C- Problem of transfer, change of place.


No person in the world has auspicious or favorable period for all days of the year for any subject. Starting month and year from when report is required and language should be included.

36 JodGraph MHE

Astrologers only try to guess and tell- when will it happen. In our research it is observed that if main subject and other related subject of the question are considered together, then the accuracy of guidelines increases. As a result, net result is little gain or even loss. Who is right relative to whom property should go is known. The happiness from it can be complete only if money is earned nowegisch.

Numbers of subjects in which some activity is planned.

In which language- Marathi, English or Hindi? Accuracy and usefulness of Panchang Muhurtas has not been proved by anybody by scientific investigation method till date.

I reread this book every couple of years and also have created my very own cliff note which I review regularly. After investigating many times, you get to know what is the intension of destiny and after that you can give right direction to your efforts and succeed.

V 3 U Alternative Shortcut 3. But howsoever knowledgeable a person may be, nobody in the oohne knows anything of destiny and everyone has to bear the fruits due to destiny.

Method of avoiding it, and noewegisch mental stress due to it is given below i.