Bhartruhari was a poet. == from India == 5th Century A.D. == Language: Sanskrit poet. What is Niti Satakam? S`atakam is a book of verses. QUOTES FROM SUBHAASHITA TRISHATEE OF RAJA BHARTRIHARI It was he who gave us the immortal Subhashita Trishati consisting the Students of Sanskrit are sure to have read selections from Subhashita Trishati. Difficulties in conveying the quantitative nature of Sanskrit verse. 2. Investigate Hank Heifetz’s belief that Sanskrit verse is better rendered by some free verse.

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The section with which this sloka begins sets forth the characteristic marks of the wicked man.

Those who are skilled in the art of interpersonal relationships show generosity towards relatives, kindness to servants, severity to evil men, devotion to saintly persons, diplomacy towards kings, straightforwardness where learned persons are concerned, valour towards enemies, patience towards elders and tactfulness with women.

Hitopadesa, Mitraldbhah, ” Chakravat parivartante duhkhani cha sukhani cha. Hence, wise people know that enjoyments are like vices and are worth relinquishment. This verse is similar to the previous verse.

Sayana’s Subhasita Sudhanidhi Ed. We are the Lords of sciences and knowledge. Get interested in and engaged to the God Lord Shiva who wears Moon in his hair locks as a jewel.

NEETI SHATAKAM OF BHARTHRUHARI – Gleanings from Sanskrit Literature

Those who want luxuries and pleasures will be obedient to you. Sesha bears all the worlds placed on his serpent- like head: Trees loaded with fruit are bent down ; the clouds when charged with fresh rain hang down near the earth: Virtues suffer from envy of wicked persons.


He gives no value to our efforts. If a female fish dances and leaps in an Ocean, the Ocean does not get tumultous. O human Being you are the price and princess of the Eternity Absolute. The first three of these incarnations are apparently connected with some Hindu traditions of the Deluge ; that of Varaha, or the boar, is referred to Ntti Sataka, Mis. When milk was being heated on a fire water, unable to bear the suffering of its friend, sacrificed itself in the fire i.

Sanskrit Documents List: Subhaashita Index

The dog in possession of a bone while chewing it refuses to see and recognise even the Lord of Heaven even if he presents himself before it. Nor, did he earn money. We can extract oil from a fistful of sand, by effort; quench our thirst by drinking water from a mirage; fetch horn of a rabbit by exploring the earth; but cannot appreciate and understand a knave’s mind.

Who else could reduce the God of Love Manmatha into ashes? The ordinary converse of such men is like Holy Writ. But beyond tradition there is no evidence whatever as to the authorship of these Satakas. On the Kocch, Bodo, and Dhimal Tribes. If a man be wealthy, he is of good family, he is wise, he is learned in the Scriptures, he is virtuous, eloquent, beautiful. In 21st Century, most of us particularly vegetarians are root eaters potatos, carrots, colacasia, beet root etc.

If one were to see his wife overcome by hunger, her garments old and torn, her children hanging round her, crying with pinched, unhappy faces ; though he might fear refusal and stammer in his speech, yet would he ask alms ; but he would not beg to satisfy his own wants.


Ever peaceful mind 8. The following may explain the allusion: At that time Christianity was not prevalent in North India. It was he who gave us the immortal Subhashita Trishati consisting the trilogy of Neeti Sataka, Sringara Sataka and Vairagya Sataka which truly reflect his life expeiences as a king, as a lover and as an ascetic.

But, people errorneously believe that they are pleasures. The man who is entirely ignorant is easily guided: The duties of a servant are such that even yogis may find difficult to approach.

I’m intrested in Yoga,Meditation,Vedanta ,Upanishads,so,i’m naturally happy i found many rare titles in your unique garden! The poet compares what is permanent and what is transient. Mohammed was not yet born. Continually falls lower and lower in the scale of in- tellect.


The idea to be gained from this stanza is, that the suppliant of the rich thinks the days too long because he has to suffer the trouble of unsuccessful entreaties ; the per- son engaged in worldly objects thinks the time too short to accomplish his numerous ends.

Why do you stretch and torture yourselves by trying to study the minds of others and pleasing sanskrkt His limbs may have lost their flexibility and his condition may be miserable and even his life may be ebbing out of his body.

As exhibited in a series of Articles contributed to the Calcutta Review.