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EN Caratteristiche della tensione fornita dalle reti pubbliche di distribuzione utilizzare un registratore conforme alla CEI EN In questo. Power quality has many meanings depending on what the power is used for. • Measuring PQ is all about deviations from normal state. • USERS. of European Norm Some countries have used EN as the basis for their national quality of supply regulations. But the standard’s statistical models.

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The wireless solution adopted, based on the Zigbee protocol, together with the choices made of the measuring devices and processing makes the measurement system achieve a good compromise between good performance and very low costs.

Sankaran, Power Quality, Ed. In fact, electricity is very different from any other product: Overcurrents contribute to the lowering of the voltage level because the latter is a function of the voltage drops through the components of the network.

The design of the power supply is surely one of the most delicate aspects to be taken into account when developing a measurement circuit. The prototype has been used to perform some measurements within the university network.

Metrel d.d. – Power Quality Analysis

It is also a good starting point to face with different situations in the future. As you can see the first node F brings the values of the network at the point of measurement, and the variables related to the load from which it is possible to obtain a complete characterization: It is currently being developed on a DSP-based device that allows a performance improvement in terms of computational and considerable possibility of miniaturization also allowing the use of a 550160 processor.

For example, a ground fault cdi the neighborhood, upstream of a load, will result in a voltage drop which corresponds to a negative deflection measured.

The structure of a smart sensor includes, therefore, an element that should be able to convert the value of the physical quantity to be detected in information of an electrical nature, which is converted into numerical form in order to facilitate the management and processing by the microcontroller. The simulations were divided into two parts: The length is assumed to be 50 m and the monitoring device a voltmeter plus an ammeter is inserted at a distance of 25 m from the transformer room.


In this work a wireless sensors-based network is presented to perform data acquisition and signal processing of voltage and current in electrical systems, in order to evaluate the indices of PQ in accordance with IEC and IEC Intelligent sensors are used in a growing number of industrial applications in which, with the development of innovative architectures, the transducer participates in the elaboration of the overall data, which in these new configurations can be divided between all the elements [4, 6].

Also a data storage system will be implemented not yet discussed here.

We are now developing the second stage of the project consisting of designing and building the sensors network. Thus a single-phase V power generator is represented. When the sag event occurs Cwi t’ is calculated. Processing of Reactive Power: Block diagram of the direct comparison setup between standard comparator and mono-phase analyzer under test. Studies in the field of Power Quality have become increasingly important in recent years.

A low-cost Internet enabled smart sensor. All cases of disturbances have been implemented both upstream and downstream of the monitoring point.

Since the reactive power is proportional to these two quantities, the reactive power in transit absorbed by the load will decrease. The following are the basic steps of the algorithm. The problem arises when it is necessary to apply such a general definition to a particular product such as electricity.

Log In Sign Up. Power Quality; smart sensors; low-voltage grid; EN standard; voltage sags measurement; disturbances of power quality.

New products

Harmonic issues have been investigated more deeply. Melo da Costa, T. Downstream of the monitoring 5060 3 kVA asynchronous motor has been inserted, according to the configuration presented in Fig. Only nodes in the neighborhood need to be checked.


The method of monitoring the reactive power flows tries to locate the origin vei a voltage dip, indicating whether this is upstream or downstream relating to the point of observation. Also Q t is calculated. As you can see the network parameters are constantly measured and the required parameters are calculated.

It is possible however to define the “energy quality” as a perfect supply of it, which can ensure continuity of service, within certain tolerances of voltage and frequency, and can be characterized 51060 a voltage with undistorted sinusoidal waveform. The router is a device consisting only of 501660 smaller processor that manages the ZigBee protocol and the RF card. The insertion of the disturbance is set for all events at time 0,2 s.

Help Center Find new research papers in: The full metrological characterization of power performances and accuracy.

Moreover, at higher frequencies, iron losses hysteresis losses and eddy current losses as well as the losses in the cables increase. Click here to sign up. It is possible, by changing a few lines of code, to implement functions that return a set of parameters than those currently produced.

From the user point of view the problem is even more complex, since it can reveal inefficiencies, such as the complete failure, which can last from several seconds to several hours, or sags, during which the voltage drops for a short time at a level lower than nominal. The serial communication to the PC is made possible according to the standard that describes the RS specifications.

The necessity to have a standard method to identify the sources of electrical power quality deterioration, and to evaluate accurately the actual proportion of responsibility of each of the players involved has been underlined.