OBJETIVO: O presente artigo descreve os aspectos clínicos, radiológicos e histopatológicos de um caso extremamente raro de cisto periodontal lateral, bem . 1 ; 22(3): set-dez Cisto lateral: relato de caso Gracielle Rodrigues Tavares * Júlia Magalhães da Costa Lima * Sócrates Steffano da Silva Tavares. Diagnóstico e tratamento de cisto periodontal lateral: Purpose: Lateral periodontal cyst (LPC) is an uncommon type of odontogenic cyst of development.

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Multilocular lesions are characterized by the presence of cavities, cystic or not, separated by connective or osseous septa. Surgical enucleation is the most often employed treatment for this type of lesion, with no tendency toward recurrence, as observed in the present case.

Lateral periodontal cyst: case report Cisto periodontal lateral: relato de caso – PDF

A case report with characterization by CT. Postoperative periapical radiography taken after 60 days demonstrated normal bone healing process. November 29, Accepted: To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. The capsule was not inflamed and was lined by a thin epithelium with one to three layers of cells flattened in its largest extension Figure 3.

Calcifying cystic odontogenic tumor radiographically. Histopathology of ameloblastoma of the jaws; some critical observations based on a 40 years single institution experience Journal section: Besides being asymptomatic, the non-inflammatory lesion is located between the roots of two teeth in most cases usually premolars and canines 5. The participation of the reduced enamel epithelium or the epithelium rests of Malassez was suggested in the etiopathogenesis of these lesions 3.

Laterla study by Calvet and Quadros8using records with the objective of verifying the prevalence of odontogenic cysts of perriodontal, found that the lateral periodontal cyst corresponded to 1.


Original Botryoid odontogenic cyst: Coding and Payment Guide for Dental Services A comprehensive coding, billing, and reimbursement resource for dental services Contents Introduction Calvet C, Quadros O. Palatal and gingival cysts of newborns Non-odontogenic Cysts Dr. Uncomplicated Crown Fractures Case Report s: At physical examination, it was observed an increase in volume and crackle in the region of upper lateral left incisor.

In the study of 32 cases Rasmussen et al ed that the size of the LPC varies between 2. This view is shared by Kerezoudis et al. Description of the Case A year-old male patient, mulatto, sought the Stomatology Clinic of the Caruaru Dental School Brazil with a complaint of increased volume on the right side of his face for approximately five years, having emerged with no apparent cause. The lateral periodontal cyst: In this case, the LPC was developed in a woman.

The effect on bone preservation Kazuto Makigusa 1 Abstract Histological analysis of the biological width surrounding primate. It affects individuals of both genders Carter et al. The patient will give a long history of undiagnosed but severe pain, and.

Rev Stomatol Chir Maxillofac Apr; 2: Oral Surgery Publication Types: Retrospective analysis of factors influencing the eruption of delayed permanent incisors after supernumerary tooth removal R. Postoperative periapical radiography taken after 60 days demonstrated normal bone healing process.


An important aspect that can provide the differential diagnosis between a radicular cyst and LPC is the fact that the former is characterized by necrosis of the affected tooth, whereas the tooth remains vital in the latter and no root canal treatment is required 3. The possibility of identification of a BOC in edentulous areas also does not mean much since a residual LPC may continue its development after perildontal extraction of the adjacent teeth.


For the rarity of the lesion, a case of Lateral Periodontal Cyst is reported with focus on clinical, radiographic and microscopic aspects.

Beningn pleomorphic adenoma of minor salivary gland of palate Journal of Dentistry and Oral Hygiene Vol. Figure 3 – a thin epithelium with one to three layers of cells flattened. Prosthetic rehabilitation with dental implants after treatment of a keratocystic odontogenic tumor. Benefits and positive effects of orthodontic treatment 1.

LateraL periodontaL cyst : case report Cisto periodontal lateral : relato de Caso

Pyogenic granuloma A case report Dr. Lateral periodontal cyst with extremely rare clinical-radiographic presentation. Appropriate soft tissue closure represents a critical Periosteoplasty for Soft Tissue Closure and Augmentation in Preprosthetic Surgery: As the development of a multilocular lesion presents slow growth, a LPC not diagnosed in the youth may present later, between the fifth and seventh decades, larger and with a botryoid aspect, as described in the literature 4,7.

Our article reports a rare case of the polemic odontogenic cyst and presents considerations related to its etiopathogenic, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects. Primary dentition deciduous teeth – 20 Department of Histology and Embryology, P.

The etiopathogenesis of the BOC seems to be related to the degeneration of the dental lamina rests, as nowadays accepted for the LPC. An unusual clinicoradiographic presentation of a lateral periodontal cyst — report of two cases.

Lateral periodontal cyst: case report Cisto periodontal lateral: relato de caso

Lee 3 1 National More information. Although these differences indicate a distinction between these two entities, a critical analysis is necessary. Sanjay Venugopal 1, Dr. November 19, ; Accepted: