Author: Clive Barker Author Record # 71; Legal Name: Barker, Clive; Birthplace: Liverpool, .. Translation: El tren de la carne de medianoche [Spanish] (). Clive Barker’s Books of Blood () also appeared as: . Translation: El tren de la carne de medianoche [Spanish] (); Translation: Le Train de l’abattoir. “El tren de la carne a medianoche” sería su autentico titulo, aunque aquí cortas de terror de Clive Barker, si es que aun no lo habéis hecho.

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Full Cast and Crew. The Midnight Meat Train 6. Views Read Edit View history. Troy Taleveski Donnie Smith It has been a long time since a major horror film has been given such loving treatment by its director. This is all about ego, and though I mourn the fact that The Midnight Meat Train was never given its chance in theaters, it’s a beautifully stylish, scary movie, and it mediancohe going anywhere.

The Midnight Meat Train () – IMDb

He awakes the next morning in a slaughterhouse with strange markings carved into his chest. Human body parts are ripped, thrown, and used as weapons. During the night, the upset Leon decides to wander on the streets taking pictures with his camera, and he follows three punks down to the subway station; when the gang attacks a young woman, Leon defends e and the guys move cliev.

Mahogany, battered and bleeding, returns and fights to the death with Leon. Share this Rating Title: While it is disturbing in itself, ek distributors decided to shield local audiences from such violence and gore, and hence we got a censored M18 rated version, instead of full regalia under the R21 rating. People will find it, and whether they find it in midnight shows or they find it on DVD, they’ll find it, and in the end medianohce Joe Drakes of the world will disappear.


Going by detailed descriptions of the level of graphic violence contained in the movie, it seemed that we suffered from having a lot cut off. Overall, The Midnight Meat Train is a simple, bloody, hardcore offering certain to satisfy fans of the genre.

After a brief scuffle with Mahogany, Leon passes out on the train’s floor. After stalking Mahogany and barely escaping, Leon follows Mahogany onto the last subway train of the night, only to witness a bloodbath.

Metro subway system, were used instead. Cinematical called the film “easily the best Clive Barker adaptation since the farne Hellraiser film,” saying that “screenwriter Jeff Buhler manages to maintain the sly sense of dread that permeates the best of Barker’s horror tales.

Al Did You Know?

The movie also boasted some really effective scenes of tension, and the anticipation of ill will especially with Vinny Jones looming nearby. What pleasure would you give up for Lent? Here, he’s a butcher with a penchant of waiting for the last train, and armed with nothing more than knives, meat hooks and his personal favourite, a meat tenderizer, he proceeds to chop up unsuspecting victims as the train seem to bagker off into the unknown.

Emboldened, he heads into the city’s subway system at night, where he takes pictures of an impending sexual assault before eventually saving the woman.

The conductor forces Leon to watch as he cuts Maya’s chest open to remove her heart. Leon is a vegan photographer who wants to capture unique, gritty shots of the city and the people who live in it.

Intrigued by the mystery, he investigates reports of similar disappearances. Alternate Versions German version is cut by approx.

Leon attacks the murderer with a knife, and the two fight in between the swinging crane flesh. The gore factor is selling point to the genre crowd, and they don’t have to worry.


The Midnight Meat Train

The film appears in a scene of the film Silver Linings Playbooklikewise starring Cooper, and is shown playing at a drive-in theater in the opening of ‘s Out of the Furnace. Leon presents his photos to the police, but Detective Hadley disbelieves him and, instead, casts suspicion on his motives. It only falters in an illogical last act. At gunpoint, Hadley directs Maya to take the midnight train to find Jurgis. The train reaches its final stop, a cavernous abandoned station filled with skulls and decomposing bodies.

In the Japanese director’s first English-language film, he has taken his visual genius from Alive and Versus and translated it into an action-packed bloodfest. The Great and Secret Show Everville. meddianoche

The film’s original director, Patrick Tatopoulosoriginally planned to shoot the film in in New York City and Montreal. The next day, dee discovers she has gone missing. Its script was adapted by Jeff Buhler, the producer was Tom Rosenberg of Lakeshore Entertainmentand it was released on August 1, A photographer’s obsessive pursuit of dark subject matter leads him into the path of a serial killer who stalks late night commuters, ultimately butchering them in the most gruesome ways imaginable.

Tatopoulos left the production in and was replaced by Ryuhei Kitamura. Edit Details Official Sites: And there’s where the story becomes intriguing, as it poses a lot of questions and doesn’t provide you with any clear answers, until much later.

Detective Lynn Hadley Peter Jacobson