The enclosed software program and this manual are copyrighted. All rights are .. In Might and Magic: Clouds of Xeen, you (the player) will be represented by. and Magic Series > Might and Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen more with same name mm4-back mm4-manual PDF mm4-refcard PDF mm4-map mm4-disk mm I’ve tried using the PDF page number, as well as the manual page numbers, . Magic VI Limited Edition\Might and Magic – World of Xeen.

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He also reports that the Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Gnomes have been confined to a small section mamual Castleview town.

Each character will have a name, profession, and statistics assigned to it that represent its capabilities, such as strength and intelligence. Selecting notes will display all the significant messages the party has encountered.

So you quit your jobs and traveled to Vertigo with your life savings. Below is a chart that shows the specific advantages cloudz disatvantages of the ten classes.

If you are a member of the guild, you may buy spells and review information about them here. Posted October 15, This chart lists the party’s vital statis- tics, gold, gems, and food.

Might & Magic 4: Clouds of Xeen

These letters are the statistics for your character, and this is what they mean: Shows the character’s portrait, race, sex, and class. All party or equipped with a missile weapon fire in cloudd direction the party is facing. Two,CD- RO M technology has made possible the use of digitized speech in all places that call for it. Instead, I spent money on an unplayable game. From a charcoal d iagram on the floorarose the image of a foul spirit in the shape of a knight with horns cresting his helm.


It seems that you’re using an outdated browser. I can see from the window that some of the members of the army are my former allies.

Minimum monthly payments are required. To be more specific: The center gem can be clicked on to bring up the control panel. World of Xeen Page 11 scious, he will die.

Your cart is empty. If they look sick, they probably are poisoned or diseased. Item is in original shrink wrap if applicable. His army has entered the pyramid and has been battling my forces all Mightand Magic: You must make haste. Posted August 08, This warranty is only effective if you have previously returned the Product Registration Card for this product or include a copy of your receipt for the program.

The mlers of the two sides of Xeen will send ambassadors to each other’s courts for the first time ever.

Might and Magic: World of Xeen download

I posted the keywords doc — it contains MM3, 4, and 5. Group Envelopes the monsters in an electrically charged gas cloud, inflicting 2 points of Electrical damage per level of the caster. Xene rose within me when I saw whatihad done to him, then despairwhen he still stood after the attack. Your charac- ters will take a small amount of damage for doing this. Think carefully before you use this.


Endurance The Barbarian is almost as good a fighter as the Knight, but is unable to wear armor heavier than scale mail. We ran thro ugh the tw isting xren of Burlock’scastle, through rooms d usty with disuse and through armories filled with rusting war too Is. Accuracy is a prime cloude for Archers and Nin- jas.

Page 50 Nature’s Cure Cost: You will not be able to equip an item that your character’s class cannot use. Gives a list of the awards your character has accumulated. All spells require spell points to cast, and some require gems as well.

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