Marshall Rosenberg () s-a născut într-o suburbie a orasului Detroit, Dr. Rosenberg a susținut conferințe și seminarii de Comunicare Nonviolentă. Buy COMUNICAREA NONVIOLENTA by MARSHALL B ROSENBERG (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free. Comunicarea nonviolenta – Marshall erg. 2 likes. Book.

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A study examined the effects of combined NVC and mindfulness training on male inmates of the Monroe Correctional Complex in Monroe, Washington. Speak Peace in a World of Conflict: He suggested social change activists could focus on gaining access to those in power in order to “ask, ask, ask” for changes that will make life better for all including the powerful.

Virtually all comunicaea resolution programs have an academic setting as their foundation and therefore have empirical studies by graduate students assessing their efficacy. NVC is ostensibly taught as a process of interpersonal communication designed to improve compassionate connection to others. State University of New York Press. Another shift in emphasis, sincehas been the reference to the model as a process. Eleven of these suggested an increase in empathy subsequent to the application of NVC five of these with evidence of nonvioelnta significance and two did not.

Retrieved 16 May Connor and Wentworth [38] examined the impact of 6-months of NVC training and coaching on 23 executives in a Fortune marsha,l. Retrieved 12 March SAGE Open 4: It’s really a spiritual practice that I am trying to show as a way of life.

Die Sprache der Giraffen. Empirical data is now coming slowly as independent researchers find their own funding to conduct and publish empirical studies with peer review. Retrieved 24 April Sharing the Gifts of Compassion, Connection, and Choice.


The central ideas influencing this shift by Rosenberg were that: Empathy in Conflict Intervention: Parenting the Nonviolent Communication Way.

The Art of Focused Conversation: I think it is important that people see that spirituality is at the base of Nonviolent Rsenberg, and that they learn the mechanics of the process with that in mind. In the weak sense, one may take the language as rules and use these to score debating points, label others for political gain, or insist that others express themselves in this way. Rosenberg’s work with workshop attendees demonstrates “the real thing. Retrieved Mar 19, Nonviolent Communication abbreviated NVCalso called Compassionate Communication or Collaborative Communication is an approach to nonviolent living developed by Marshall Rosenberg beginning in the s.

Marshall-Rosenberg – Comunicarea nonviolenta.pdf

Relationship Based Teaching and Learning. Allan Rohlfs, who first met Rosenberg in and was a founder of the Center for Nonviolent Communication, in explained a paucity of academic literature as follows:. This creates both harmony and learning for future cooperation. NVC was adopted, in combination with other interventions, in an effort to reduce violence. Those who are skilled in the use of NVC may become prejudiced against those who are not and prefer to converse only among themselves.

The interventions were said to reduce key violence indicators by 90 percent over a three-year period in a medium security unit, [39] and by around 50 percent in a single year in a maximum security unit. Carme Juncadella produced a systematic review of research as of related to the impact of NVC on the development of empathy.

Parenting From Your Heart: Little also says Rosenberg identified Mahatma Gandhi as an inspiration for the NVC model, and that Rosenberg’s goal was to develop a practical process for interaction rooted in the philosophy of Ahimsawhich Little translates as “the overflowing love that arises when all ill-will, anger, and hate have subsided from the heart. The focus is thus less on the “steps” themselves and more on the practitioner’s intentions in speaking “Is the intent to get others to do what one wants, or to foster more meaningful relationships and mutual satisfaction?


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NVC supports change on three interconnected levels: The dialog between Rosenberg and NVC colleagues and trainers continued to influence bonviolenta model, which by the late s put more emphasis on self-empathy as a key to the model’s effectiveness. Linn 11 February The strong sense offers a language to examine one’s thinking and actions, support understanding, bring one’s best to the community, and honor one’s emotions.

A variety of benefits were reported, including “conversations and meetings were notably more efficient, with issues being resolved in percent less time.

Editions of Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall B. Rosenberg

She suggests the primary limitation of her review is that a number of relevant studies exist that could not be included due to lack of availability. Male participants who graduated from an NVC-based batterer intervention program in California had zero percent recidivism within 5 rosenbsrg, according to the relevant District Attorneys’ offices.

However, due to its far-reaching impact it has also been interpreted as a spiritual practice, a set of values, a parenting technique, a method of social change, a mediation tool, an educational orientation, and a worldview.

Official website not in Wikidata Good articles. Retrieved October 6, From Wikipedia, karshall free encyclopedia. Center for Nonviolent Communication.