Welding System Assessment (CQI). Related Courses: Understanding the Heat Treat, Soldering and Welding Special Process System Assessments. Program. This one day seminar will give an overview of CQI, Special Process: Welding System Assessment, which, along with internationally recognized quality. Documents Similar To CQI Welding System Assessment. VDA Minimizing Risks in the Supply Chain. Uploaded by. Sergio Boillos. AIAG Cqi 14 Warranty Key.

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Please complete this Survey and return More information. Record these processes on the WSA. Supplier shall have a preventative maintenance program that is documented and implemented. These alarms and safety alarm checks being shall be individually tested at the required frequency as tested at the required listed in the control plan, and after any repair, process frequency or after any repair or change weldinh rebuild.

Draft documents adopted by the technical weldlng are circulated to the Steering Committee for review and consensus approval.

CQI | Welding System Assessments

Date of Previous Assessment: Refer to Section preventative maintenance 1. If customer quality certification is given, then the year of the last assessment by the customer shall also be given. List the name stitle sphone number sand address esif available, of the principal participants from the weld organization. The organization shall document this process of review and implementation, and it shall address how customer and industry documents are obtained, how they are maintained within the organization, how the current status is established, and how the relevant information is cascaded to the shop floor within the two-week period.

Search for Training Course Keyword: Example thin part to thick part or various hardnesses. The management review shall include efforts to detect out-of-control conditions or alarm conditions. Floor and Material Handling Responsibility After emptying and before re-using containers, containers shall be inspected to ensure that all parts and inappropriate material have been removed.


Filler Metal Specification if required: Basic data of the welding organization Audited areas according to the respective CQI process table Contact data auditor, company, participants Results of the CQI audit. The manual includes all CS locations More information.

If there are to be changes in process outside of the current control plan and last agreed upon process and parts sign off, do you know what your customer requirements are, have you notified your customer, and do you have customer approval prior to making the change?

Management shall review the weld process control systems.

CQI-15. Special Process: Welding System Assessment

This book or any part therof must not be reproduced in any form without written More information. Is there traceability of all process and tooling assessmfnt Is maintenance data being utilized to form a predictive maintenance program?

Proper identification and revision level on the fixture or related to the fixture. Type s of Weld Processing at this Facility: When performing the job audit, the auditor shall verify welding is conforming to the customer’s requirements. Unplanned or emergency downtime greatly raises the risk of improper processing. The program shall be a closedloop sysgem that tracks maintenance efforts from request to completion to assessment of effectiveness.

These procedures or work instructions shall be accessible to shop floor personnel. Has a preventative maintenance program been established and documented? Please refer to the Maintenance Request Form at the back of this document to submit a request. Feb 27, Ann Arbor, MI. Delivery Certification By delivering products or services on the Contract, the Supplier certifies that such products or services cqi15 in compliance.

Refer to customer-specific requirements. If applicable, is there an inter-locking of the cqk-15 operation and has the quality of parts been verified?

Inter-Lock — A method of preventing missed steps within the operations by putting controls on how an operation can be performed in order to force the correct completion of the operation. Record these processes on the WSA. Name of cqk-15 performing self-audit: The job audit of one part, one weld process, is not sufficient to use as a basis to complete the other sections of the complete WSA.


The facility may have several buildings or physical locations in the same general area.

CQI-15 Welding System Assessment

All material shall be staged in a dedicated and clearly defined area. Four Process Tables have been developed and the appropriate table s is to be referenced during the assessment.

More part job audits may be done if time permits.

Its objective is to help to the understanding of NSQ requirements through some examples or recommendations and descriptions. The power supply should be adequate for the manufacturing process with consideration not limited to output energy, duty cycle, cooling, flow rates and grounding. It is recommended that the job audit be performed at the end of the welding system assessment. Other Requirements The organization shall keep records as evidence of compliance to the requirements identified in the WSA, as well as all appropriate action plans to address any unsatisfactory ratings.

This may not be easily determined with fasteners, especially if the fastener manufacturer does not identify the end customer auto manufacturer, tier one, etc. Is the handling, storage and packaging adequate to preserve product quality? There shall be a hierarchy established for making and approving process changes.

They shall address all process steps from part receipt to part shipment and identify all equipment used and all essential welding process parameters as defined by the relevant individual process tables or non-essential Are welding process control as agreed upon between supplier and customer.