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The Static Routes List page appears, displaying the list of currently defined static routes. It can be a result of network issue, delp server overload, or a software malfunction. Component Status Viewing Detailed Status To view additional details on the status of a specific controller, click the controller whose information you want to view.

The system may recover automatically within several minutes depending on the fault. In addition, you can also configure the authentication settings.

Dell NX3500 Server User Manual

The syntax is as follows: User-restorable snapshots Restore previous versions of files directly from a snapshot directory without contacting IT personnel. See “Define Two Hosts” on page To display the Remote Replication Report page, choose: Defining Queries 6 Click the Find Next button to find the next item in the Event Viewer list, or click Cancel to exit the search utility.

You can use these built-in features to protect both new and existing file shares.

Dell powervault network attached storage solution 2 pages. Quota Usage The Quota Usage page displays the quotas and usage of all users including users for which no quota has been defined. SS, where HH indicates a hour format. Verify the proxy information in the browser’s settings. Page 31 Figure Protocol The protocol that the client connection uses: Table provides a dll view of the system’s load balancing.


Dell PowerVault NX Unified Storage Solution |

NFS Clients NFS clients may configure a different code page for different shares, while supporting concurrently non-Unicode clients that use different languages. The system does not provide service to any clients.

Page NIS, or the server does not accept the identity you provided. The CLI contains a set of commands to dwll, edit, add, nx300, enable, disable and set PowerVault NX entities, such as exports, shares, volumes and accounts. A pop-up window prompts you to define the query name. Pay as you grow.

When replicating a volume to another PowerVault NX system, the other system must be setup as a replication partner. The software is a complete package, consisting of an operating system, volume management, distributed file system, and del technology.

Fatal Set in parallel with Continuous Contact Dell. Check the MAC addresses for cluster controllers.

PowerVault NX | Dell Jamaica

You can define multiple subnets to allow clients to access PowerVault NX directly, not through a router. If you need to manage an ever-increasing amount of unstructured file data, this easy-to-use solution is ideal. You can scale a single share to the full capacity of your PowerVault MD deployment.

The Change Password window is displayed. Creating Disk Groups This section provides the steps necessary to configure the host group and virtual disks that are required for the PowerVault NX system. Nfs Clients NFS Clients NFS clients may configure a different code page for different shares, while supporting concurrently non-Unicode clients that use different languages.

Workaround This is an informative event, the admin may contact the locking user and request to close the application referencing this file.

Installing the Service Pack Page 53 This host shares access to the same virtual disks with other hosts.

You must select an even number of virtual disks, up to For other local clients, for example, routers, the system displays the value ‘Other’ as the protocol.


This ensures that the system can be brought back to service with minimal downtime. Managing Static Routes To minimize hops between routers, static routes are suggested in routed networks when there are multiple direct paths from PowerVault NX to various routers. To run Dell diagnostics: This page contains four tabs, each provides a different period. Users need to specifically mount each share.

Workaround Contact Dell to resolve this issue. This page includes five real-time and short-term sections: Page 44 For Windows-based management stations: When defining users, you can assign local storage users to one or more groups.

Dell PowerVault NX3500 Administrator’s Manual

Remote Replication Report The Remote Replication Report page enables you to display all non-active jobs that were executed on the cluster since the last installation. Cause The error could be caused by either hardware setup, network switch configuration, or cluster system configurations.

Issue a request to the server from a bx3500 on the PowerVault NX subnet and verify it responds. Configuring Dns host names and their corresponding IP addresses providing name-to- address and address-to-name resolution services on the IP network. The authenticity of host ‘ The configuration consists of two controllers in a cluster to ensure that there will be no single point of failure.

This operation dumps the file-system cache to the disks, stops the file system and shuts down the controllers. Women’s Entrepreneur Initiatives Dell for Entrepreneurs.