Dominick works as an associate consultant for the Germany-based company thinktecture (). His main area of focus is security in. Dominick Baier is an independent consultant specializing in identity & access control. He helps companies around the world designing & implementing. Dominick Baier. leastprivilege. 0 starred decks Tweet Share. fbbb90cea5ed0fee?s=48 Sep 27, 5.

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Presentations by Dominick Baier – Speaker Deck

I once and for all wanted an official statement, how to deal with HttpClient — so I reached out to Immo terrajobst over various channels. On top of that we have the usual binding issues with the. And one of my favourite features is the nice integration of the Polly library and handlers in general to give you extra features like retry logic:.

You can also go one step further by creating a typed client, which exactly models the type of Bair 2 requests you need to make dominickk your application. We also have proper docs now.

I reworked all the clients to bair simply extensions methods for HttpClient. As of today, IdentityServer has contributors thank you! This allows you to new up your own client or get one from a factory. Based on our feedback, the ASP.

As a result, we largely abandoned the idea of modeling the. Core are abstracted by so called authentication handlers, and you can register as many of them as you want — you can support both authentication scenarios. This strips the protocol claims that you are not interested in, and all other claims get mapped forward sample here. Server-side UIs typically use cookies for authentication or a combination of cookies and OpenID Connect and APIs should use access tokens — and you want to make sure that you are not accepting cookies in the API by accident.


The latest issue was related to Powershell and. Last but not least, the big news is, that the ASP.

Both get minor updates right now, and I am planning to release them all together beginning next year. The integration comes with a simplified configuration system to target the specific template scenarios, but allows you to change over to the native configuration any time you want.

| Dominick Baier on Identity & Access Control

Posted on December 11, by Dominick Baier. In essence the filters are now combined, whereas previously they were not. IdentityModel has a number of protocol bier libraries, e. The effect would be e. See you next year! This gives you complete control over the lifetime and configuration of the client including handlers, default headers, base address, proxy settings etc. Long story short — every time I had to change the csproj domniick, it broke someone.

You can mix that with the ASP. While they work fine, the style around libraries that use HTTP has changed a bit recently, e. I thought I should copy it here, so it becomes more search engine friendly and hopefully helps out other bxier that are in the same situation original thread here.

  ASTM D7400 PDF

Dominick Baier

The IdentityModel organization on Github is the home for our client libraries. NET Core domiinick model as well:. Despite him being on holidays during that time, he gave a really elaborate answer that contains both excellent background information and guidance.

The most popular one is IdentityModel itself with over 9,3 million downloads on Nuget. We had lots of issues with this because it seemed regardless in which combination you are using the flavours of HttpClient, this will lead to a problem one way or another github issues.


You do that by adding a forward selector to the authentication handler like this: It is a bit surprising that most supportes are individual developers that use IdentityServer at work.

I generally prefer to keep them separate, but I acknowledge that certain architecture styles make this conscious decision. It is required when you want to be part of an ASP. The intent was to provide a simple, self-contained administrative tool for managing baiier in your ASP.

I am planning to release that soon — if you have any feedback, please leave a comment here or open an issue on github. We also started a Patreon page to allow companies to support IdentityServer, which in turn allows us to set baoer time aside from paid work.