ECcomputer architecture and organization-lecture notes anna university ECcomputer architecture and organization-lecture notes. Taken in AY16/17 Sem 2 Lecturer: Dr Seo Juwon Tutor: Drishti Baid and worksheets and summary notes for us omg they really really helped!. Readings: Readings would just be the lecture notes that should be read before going to lecture. There won’t be much lecture notes to read as Seo Juwon.

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Lectures, unfortunately, are not webcast. Ec203 means of assessment for this half of the module is hence all essay writing and drawing of graphs. Testing your patience and accuracy Finals was pretty chill he repeated tutorial questions so please do your tutorial questions diligently!! It turned out to be a huge problem as I ended up being unable to keep up with the tutorials and lectures, often wasting a lot of time flipping through all my notes to understand the symbols and formulas.

The exams that she sets are very easy.

Module Overview

It comprises of basic principles on how to compare and maximize the utility of consumers for nites types of goods i. This is followed by probability, leading to random variables and various random distributions.

Whoa Mid-Terms I did okay, so Finals gonna be great right? First half of textbook A2!


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LAF French 3 Lecturer: Therefore, to do well in this module, you will have to master both the manipulation of numbers and the ideas encoded in language.

The bulk of the workload is mainly the lecturre readings maximum 3 articles and the time needed for the group report. Without a good grip of the formulas and understanding the basic foundations, you will struggle a little in this module.

Each Homework tests students on what has been taught in the previous few lectures, functioning as a litmus test and a mock exam for your understanding. Final exam Lectures for this module are once a week, with webcast available. Most importantly, read the questions carefully.

Year 2 Sem 1 AY2017/18 Modules Review

Finals was pretty chill he repeated tutorial questions so please do your tutorial questions diligently!! Dr Yuan Leture Content Covered: To make things difficult, the lecturer teaches the new topics with a lot of mathematical nores learnt from previous topics.

Note that grading may differ. Syllabus content is taught during tutorials and simple activities are carried out for students to better understand theories and facts. However, I must say that different lecturers probably have different standards.

This is another core Economics Module. For the Final exam, the short answer questions were a mix of application and theory questions.


Notify me of new comments via email. It is not difficult to attain full marks for most of the components of this module, making the bell curve very competitive. Most experiments only require about 15 to 20 minutes, but you still get the full point. To notee out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Lastly, the module ends with sampling distributions, point and interval estimation and hypothesis testing.

Year 2 Sem 1 AY/18 Modules Review – Kairos

Centre for Future-ready Graduates. Kidding luh but just try your best! However, allow me to point out how highly risky that would be, since Dr. As for tutorials, they are in fact more like seminars. In general, I found the syllabus of the module to be quite broad and eye opening.

From Probability, to statistical inference and regression. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Mid-terms and Finals have similar formats to the Assignments.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Scot Hislop was entertaining in his delivery of lectures.