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Greathead on the insect enemies of Acridoideu Orthoptera Ceracda aurijrons Aldrich. A further larval instar of short duration, called scolytoid fig.


baduf Jannone, ; Vinokurov, It was also necessary to number dd referen- ces to the sources of the records and use these numbers to indicate the references in the parasite and hyperparasite catalogues.

Feeding is completed by the time the eggs of the host hatch, and pupation takes place in a cell in the soil within a few weeks ; the pupal period is short.

Astrakhan ;U. Greathead on the insect enemies of Acridoidea Orthoptera f orthoptera An unusual record of egg-predation by a cricket A c h assirnilis 1uctuosu.

Ukraine ; grrtsshoppers, Canada B. Unter besonderer Berucksichtigung der Grossschadlinge des Mittelmeergebietes. Kazakhstan ; 32, U. Asia ; 81, U. Nouveaux parasites des acridiens. Noble unoin that egg-pods are attractive for 48 hours, but Pemberton and Murai have shown that oviposition can occur at all stages of the development of the host. Tilbury for checking the references and preparing the bibliography and to Miss E.


The Chalcidid is widespread and destruction has been detected in more than 30 per cent.

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Any diapause takes place when the larva is fully grown ; the pupal period is short. Sur les parasites des sauterelles A Richelieu Indre-et-Loire. Dagestan, Kazakhstan ;, , U. Uzbekistan Oedipodine, U.

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Lanham and Evans, ; has been reported. The tropical species, and possibly some of the temperate ones, will only pupate bxlduf the soil in which they are kept is alternately wetted and allowed to dry out.

In dealing with the Sarcopha- ginae, the generic names of Townsend and others recognising a large number of very small genera will not be used, but as many authors have used them they are included in the catalogue in brackets, The majority of Sarcophaginae affecting locusts are species of the two genera Sarcophaga and Blaesmipha. This situation has arisen particularly with Porchinskii, Kunckeland Riley et seq.

Observations on adult locusts. Siberia 26,U.

Turkesten Thyridanthrax abruptus Loew. The damage done by individual Mylubris and Epkauta to egg-pods is generally complete, but widespread infestations are usually low. Figures of percentage incidence in various populations have frequently been published but, although they provide useful information on the relative abundance of various enemies, they fail to give a true picture of the effect on the host population. Others have been recorded as occasional scavengers.


Some of these are casual predators feeding on any suitable insect encountered, whereas others are more regularly predators of Acridoids ; none have been studied quantitatively to any great extent as factors affecting mortality, so that an assessment of their importance is not possible. Especially on the emergence, seasonal prevalence, rate of the appearance and the sex ratio ba,duf adults of the egg para- sites, Scelio muraii Watanabe and S.

Further, some of the bombyliid predators of Acrididae are as often predaceous on Meloidae see p. SiberiaItaly ; 32,U. If transportation is necessary, the larvae should be placed D. SiberiaFrance 97, Somali R. Greathead on the insect enemies of Acridoidea Orthoptera 2. DE,Cavallette, loro invasioni e lotta contro di esse duropea Sicilia. Greathead on the insect elzemies of Acridddea Orthoptercc Dolichopodihe Kiinckel, Records of sex ratio show pre- dominance of females.