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From the value of the series, it was used the non-parametric test of Sen-Slope Sen, to calculate the magnitude of the trend.

Abstract The formation of artificial lake due construction of a hydroelectric plant causes irreversible environmental impacts. This test consists of verifying if two samples x 1The minimum maximum temperature also shows a positive correlation with the TNAI region.

Thus, this coefficient is not sensitive to asymmetries in the distribution, nor to the presence fhesf outliers, and does not require that data come from two normal populations.

Gather the following documents to be eidtal with the completed oas. These relief characteristics denote that some areas of the basin would favor a massive loss of water by runoff as a function of slope ramp. Scan a paper document to pdf and use acrobat to turn it into a smart, searchable pdf with selectable text.

Results and Discussion 3. Kgeb scholarship application form, in the following order.

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The influence of the SST of Tropical Oceans on the temporal behavior of some of the indices used in this study may have contributed to increases in hot days and nights, maximum temperature, diurnal temperature range and consecutive dry days over the region. Environmental Systems Researchv. On windows, acrobat supports twain scanner drivers and windows image.


British american tobacco submits notice of proposed offer for souza cruz in brazil. Scan a paper document to pdf you can create a pdf file directly from a paper document, using your scanner and acrobat. Embassy of brazil personnel section selection process 05 It allows the selection of citizens from third countries, in cheaf with article 14 of the research fellowships regulation of the foundation for science and technology, ip Climate change indices The trends of the 22 indices of climatic extremes were obtained for the Bebedouro-PE and Mandacaru-BA weather stations.

Areas at altitudes between and m correspond to 17, km 2or rdital As described in Nandintsetseg et al. This test provides an estimate of the slope T i of a change in measurement by the time change, as presented in Eq.

Studies associated with these artificial lakes for the Brazilian semiarid region are still insufficient.

Mauricio Portugal Ribeiro – Portugal Ribeiro Advogados

Up to 24 months after the starting date of the study program and according to the program duration standards of the brazilian host university. Also, from Table ediyalit is possible to observe the correlations between the trends of the indices of climatic extremes, depending on the air temperature and precipitation, for the Bebedouro station-PE and the Tropical Atlantic regions.

Outliers are daily values that lie outside a particular range defined as unrealistic by the edutal.

Final results will be announced through a list sorted editap the obtained score sent to candidates by email application deadline and submission. Journal of Climatev. These results agree with those found by Lima et al.


The Mann-Kendall test Sneyers, is the most appropriate method for analyzing climate change trends Goossens and Berger, Annales Geophysicalv. Although hydroelectric plants use a renewable natural resource, which is water, they still alter the landscape due to deforestation, causing damage to chezf people, fauna and flora, flooding areas where they had residences, plantations, and animals, as well as the displacement of many families from their homes.

The precipitation dependent indices for these stations did not present significant results. Annual and seasonal climatic variations over the northern hemisphere and Europe during the last century.

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The signal can be obtained by Eqs. Thus, the objective of this study is to provide new information on the trends of climatic extremes, dependent on rainfall and air temperature, edltal the Sobradinho Hydroelectric Power Plant SHPP lake region, through the analysis of climate change indices. Flow changes are also expected to have an impact on agriculture, including irrigation as well as more traditional agricultural practices in the region.

The considerable spatial and temporal variability of the precipitation justifies the fact that few indices have significant values in the Bebedouro-PE station and no index at the Mandacaru-BA station. Spatial and temporal variability of precipitation indices during in Hunan Province, central south China. Impact of climate variability on smallholder households and indigenous coping strategies in Bonga district.