I need EJMA Standard 10th Edition? Can anyone share? Petroleum Community Forum -Free Discussion and Education Community. Help. EJMA BOOK OF STANDARDS: Standards of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association, Inc. – Includes one copy of Practical Guide to Expansion Joints. The EJMA Standards are recognized throughout the world as the authority on the proper selection and application of metallic bellows type.

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The latter provides a significantly higher cycle life. Heavy Lift 14 post s. The design would be EJMA. A new approach was developed for the design of reinforced bellows, resulting in a modified set of equations for some stress components and for the spring rates.

Project 2 post s. Pressure Vessels 18 post s. However, if you require an alloy that is currently not in our database, we will examine the alloy to determine it’s welding and ductility properties.

We have the technical expertise to assist customers for the most common applications and the tools in place to aid with selection.

Safety 10 post s. Benchmark table inputs and outputs have been revised, with material class and correction factor. Tom Vowell on Wednesday, 16 October Expansion Joint Design Standardd heart of the expansion joint is the bellows element itself.

Ejma standard free download – Google Docs

If a bellows can be manufactured from the material, we ejmw easily add it to the database to perform your analysis. There is ongoing work to potentially frree the EJMA fatigue curve to include a factor of safety, which may be variable. Some common tests include the following:. Was he fudging the first time? Click to Request Info. Due Diligence 6 post s. American BOA is often requested to aid customers in the proper selection of expansion joints for their particular system.


Materials Degradation and Corrosion 16 post s. By utilizing pipe stress analysis software, American BOA is able to model piping systems to syandard that the expansion joints selected for your system do not result in detrimental loading on vessel nozzles or rotating equipment. Hi, I have a question about the examination in Appendix ejms They seemed too high. American BOA uses a combination of 3D modeling software along with finite element analysis FEA to determine the correct hardware for your design conditions.

In addition to performing analysis on bellows elements, American BOA’s Engineering Staff routinely performs calculations on the load restraining hardware normally associated with expansion joints.

Can this be true? He is an ASME Fellow and has more than 60 publications and five patents and is a frequent speaker and chairman in ejmma forums. The distinction of thin versus thick bellows has been added. Is this a standard requirement for all types of application of expansion joints, or can this be a demand of a customer. Ejma uses Sym yield strength at room from cert not tensile. He has more than 30 years of experience in design, design review, analysis, check-out, mechanical integrity, development, troubleshooting, and failure analysis.


Bellows vendors will often quote two different cycle lives for their bellows. Piping 29 post s. This includes standard conversions in addition to constants used in calculations.

The Difference Between ASME B31.3 Appendix X and EJMA Fatigue Curves for Bellows?

Significant Changes in the Tenth Edition: It will also assist the user in communicating design requirements to the manufacturers and to properly install and maintain the expansion joint in service. Reliability Improvement 29 post s. General Interest fdee post s.

Guest – Alexander on Monday, 25 August The number of fatigue cycles can now be calculated from the same set of fatigue curves which are relevant for the unreinforced bellows and for the toroidal bellows. The Guide is intended to provide users with a basic understanding of expansion joints. With bellows, design for an excessive number of cycles can unnecessarily compromise other design aspects, such as design with respect to internal pressure and column stability resistance to squirm.

This ensures your customized solution is not only fail safe but produced in a time frame that was previously not possible. This would be a very good development as it will lead to more uniform design practices and less confusion. Fatigue life calculations were greatly enhanced and simplified.