El Güegüense: Nicaragua: Daily life and social customs: is the annual performance of El Güegüense, a satirical drama that depicts resistance to colonial rule. Pay less for premium El Gueguense at Cigars International. If you enjoy the theatre, then you simply must try to see El Güegüense the next time you visit Nicaragua. This theatrical play is often regarded as being.

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One of the best of in my book. It would have been painfully evident to 17th-century Nicaraguans that the Spanish authorities and the Natives who worked for them held the reins of power. Printing on Note Cards All note cards can be custom printed with your personalized message.

Painting – El Güegüense

The Spanish are dressed in elegant, colonial clothes with spangles and high stocking, and they have masks that show a white or light-brown skin, rl mustache, and blue or light-colored eyes. We are working with Nicaraguan artists to bring more wonderful art to the public and to benefit these great artists. The characters in the production all use masks and their clothing is bright, colorful and traditional — aspects of the wardrobe which make the play an gurguense treat for foreigners.

Brinton had gotten the text from a German linguist, Karl Berendt, who in turn received it from Juan Eligio de la Rocha, a lawyer and scholar in Nicaragua who had copied down the text as performed in the city of Masaya sometime after Download our Brochure and Gyeguense Form If you would prefer to mail in your order, you can download and print the pages of our Brochure and Order Form. Transformation Where love meets social justice. Had it in the humidor for a about 6 weeks.

City finder Choose a Destination. But the turnout, though impossible to know precisely due to a near-obsolete electoral register was estimated to have been lower than previous years. The mestizos use masks with a vague mustache, and they wear a straw hat and more simple fueguense. I will buy a box of these in the future when I have a humidor that can accommodate boxes.


El Gueguense received an impressive rating and Top 25 Cigars of honors. The public is not PLI There is a tendency to write off recent polling in Nicaragua as just another cog in the Sandinista machine.

Perfect construction and a superbly blended Nicaraguan Puro. And through votes, not through bullets. Expect a full-bodied treat with your palate dancing to notes of cedar and spice with a touch of sweetness.

This begs the question: The perception of an election as pre-determined — hueguense pointless exercise — is a powerful deterrent. Just one month after his attack, Carlos Bonilla is back on the streets, handing out flyers, stubbornly sticking up Jabba the Hut-like caricatures of Roberto Rivas, demanding his resignation.

El Güegüense

Self-serving overstatement aside, a crippling reputational bond was formed, one that Eduardo Montealegre has never been able to break. By the 18th century, though, many people of mixed Spanish-Native heritage had switched to speaking a hybrid of Spanish and Nahuatl, which became the common language in gieguense part of Central America.

Full body, but smooth at the same time. Awesome full body smoke, defintely buying more! The 20th-century Nicaraguan poet Pablo Antonio Cuadra called the play’s wily antihero, El Gueguense, “the first character in Nicaraguan literature.

We publish high-quality investigative reporting and analysis; we train and mentor journalists and wider civil society; we publish in Russian, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese and English. There is a tendency to write off recent polling in Nicaragua as just another cog in the Sandinista machine.

El Gueguense – Cigars International

It is noteworthy that the original written version was both in Nahuatl and Spanish — something which no doubt made it more accessible to the people of Nicaragua.


CI got these sticks to me gueeguense and in great condition. Amidst all of this uncertainty the opposition factions have but one option — to forge ahead with their various campaigns, blind to the future in so many ways. Paypal accepts your credit card for the transaction. This site is not affiliated with any government gueguens associated with a vueguense similar to the site domain name. Parading along perhaps, to the Ortega-Murillo tune, under the guise of apathy, below a veil of cynicism, or even cloaked in fear.

Jaime Serrano Mena, an architect in Diriamba who is among a small circle of modern scholars of Nicaragua’s most famous theatrical work, thinks the governor in the play, whose name is Tastuanes, could well have been an Indian himself when the play was originally performed.

And one can only steal so many votes. It was pretty consistent win the leather earth and cocoa exchanging the main flavor throughout the smoke. Customers buying this also buy. You can order directly from the site and pay using our secure Paypal service.

Only a known and, crucially, respected presidential candidate, would begin to single out the PLI, the MRS and their allies from all the rest.

On April 7th, that candidate, Don Fabio Gadea, declined their offer. By then, the play was gueguensee least years old, and probably older. If you have any queries about republishing please contact us.

It forced a war-weary population to pick a side, and even die-hard Sandinistas voted, in droves, for an end to the eighties.