Floire et Blancheflor. (ca. and 13th century). This Old French idyllic verse ROMANCE exists in two different versions, the earlier one, sometimes called. Toutes les informations de la Bibliothèque Nationale de France sur: Floire et Blancheflor. OFr. romance relating the love between two children, a Saracen prince and Christian slave-girl. The ‘aristocratic’ version (s) concentrates on luxurious.

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University Press of Florida, While representations of Byzantium shifted according to the winds of friendship and enmity blowing throughout the Crusades, whether depicted in a state of war or as a site for trading fantastic goods, immense riches and awe-inspiring architecture characterized Byzantium.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. The two lovers are discovered asleep together, and though the emir wishes to execute them, his court counsels him to forgive them because of their unparalleled beauty.

Contact Contact Us Help. One reading the one scholars blanchflor traditionally proposed shows this exotic pagan court to be Muslim; it is the court at Cairo that the romance describes overtly, and such a reading makes sense if one studies the manuscript history of the text and its subsequent apparition in other languages.

Floris and Blancheflour

Soon enough they fall in love. He has decided to make it blanhceflor on Blancheflour, for she is the loveliest virgin in the harem. The story contains themes of conflict between paganism and Christianity. Whoever refused to be baptized and did not want to believe in God, Floire had him flayed and burned in a fire and beheaded.


If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. William II of Sicily, for example, had invaded Thessalonica in ; in Frederick of Swabia was thrown into prison by the Byzantine emperor Isaac for having occupied Philippopolis; the Comnenoi had plenty of problems with crusaders robbing their goods and burning their towns. The Poetics of translatio studii and conjointure: Byzantium and the Crusades.

Skillfully represented, [Velthandros saw that] the figure was sighing and kept its gaze fixed on the ground. The Glory of Byzantium: The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. Distributed by Random House, Rentrer dans un platane: Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources.

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See also AkbariCohenand Kinoshita The emir holds off killing them on the spot until he holds a council of advisers. Floire et Blancheflor French romantic tale. The Romance of Floire and Blanchefleur: Centre d’Estudis Occitans, Floris eventually arrives outside Cairo where he meets the bridge warden named Daire who tells him about the emir’s tower of maidens.

Floire et Blancheflor

She is proven pure, he pardons both lovers, and all is well. Blancheflour is in a different caliphate from Flores, and there she is accused falsely and sent as a slave to a Glancheflor of Maidens. The only conflicts concern love and the disagreement between the older and the younger generation.


Richard Trachsler and Annie Coombs. The ideological work of this romance seems to participate in Orientalism, that staging of supremacy of all things western over their exoticized eastern counterparts. Floire et Blancheflor 7 reference to non-Muslim cultures like Byzantium, even if it is a reference to a Byzantium long past.

Both women are pregnant, and the children are born on the same day, Palm Sunday: Floire et Blancheflor and the European Romance.

Floire et Blancheflor

Varieties of Religious Conversion in the Middle Ages. This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. While this description of course invokes biblical references to paradise that circulated throughout the medieval world, such descriptions of magical, gem-studded streams are nonetheless striking, especially if one considers them in tandem with representations of Byzantine splendors.

Floris and Blancheflour — is the name of a popular romantic story that was told in the Florie Ages in many different vernacular languages and versions. A History of Pagan Europe. Thank you for your feedback.