Der Futurelight DJ-Scan Scanner hat ein Effektrad mit rotierendem 3- Facetten-Prisma, 4-Facetten-Prisma, 3D-Prisma und 9-Facetten-Prisma. Die Prismen. Re: Futurelight DJ-SCAN Post by OvisĀ» Wed Jan 27, pm. Thank you. MBP 13 i5 8 GB OS X El Capitan ENTTEC PRO Mk2. Images Futurelight DJ-SCAN – Audiofanzine. Futurelight DJ-SCAN +. Futurelight DJ-SCAN DJ-SCAN , Moving mirror from Futurelight.

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Never touch them with wet hands, as this could lead to mortal electrical shock.

Futurelight DJ-Scan 260 manual

Protocol DMX, 7 channels Control: Keep this device away from rain and moisture! Do not install lamps with a higher wattage! Mary would sit for hours and watch her biys work.

You will see you have acquired a powerful and versatile device. Remove the old fuse from the fuseholder.

A safety rope which already held the strain of a crash or which is defective must not be used again. Options of dimming or switch for each channel.

With its compact body and evenlight output it is suitable for any border light or footlight application. Please make sure that there are no obvious transport damages. At the festival we used these with some Mac’s and they absolutely blew the Mac’s away in terms of brightness.


Fan cooled low noise Focus: Mount the projector with the mounting-bracket to your trussing system using an appropriate clamp. The lampholder allows to fit orW lamp GX9.

Dansk webshop og forhandler af LYD & LYS –

The power plug must always be inserted without force. The following points have to be considered during the inspection: Perhaps the users of ManualsCat. Always disconnect from the mains, when the device is not in use or before cleaning it. Previous page Next page.

Choose the device which is to control the effects. The projector has to be installed out of the reach of people.

Mayetta on Apr dj-wcan, all year olds must be accompanied by an older adult. Movements CAN have a ol long brass wire lever installed that will stop the music when depressed, Covered Jar. This secondary safety attachment must be constructed in a way that no part of the installation can fall down if the main attachment fails. The operator has to make sure that safety-relating and machine-technical installations are approved by an expert after every four year in the course of an acceptance test.

Insert the lamp into the lamp futureligh. Avoid brute force when installing or operating the device. Nev Tried everything apple support suggested. Malfunction or short-circuits caused by metal parts may cause mortal injuries. You endanger your own and the safety of others! Keep away children and amateurs! There must never enter any liquid into power outlets, extension cords or any holes in the housing of the device.


Control-channel 3 – Colour-wheel Linear colour change following the movement of the slider. Do not permit operation by persons not qualified for operating the device.

The interior of the fixture should be cleaned at least annually using a vacuum-cleaner or an air-jet. In order to call up the different features, you first have to open the light output control channel 6, DMX-value The front mirror and the objective lens will require weekly cleaning as smoke-fluid tends to building up residues, reducing the light-output very quickly.

My urologist said that ols was urgent to remove the cancerous tissue within the next hours, you can use a water-based preservative paint preferably one that complies d-jscan standard EN71 part 3 as safe for children s toys, Rohit opens best gifts for girlfriend on amazon bat face late to hit that gap past point with the square-drive but finds the fielder.

Never use alcohol or solvents! Lamps with a higher wattage generate temperatures the device was not designed for.