The answers are by Buddhist priest Gudo Wafu Nishijima. 1. What is gained in Zazen? What we gain in Zazen is the balance of the autonomic nervous system. : To Meet the Real Dragon (): Gudo Nishijima, Jeffrey Bailey: Books. Master Gudo Nishijima has been practicing Buddhism for more than sixty years. He was a student of Master Kodo Sawaki, an itinerant priest famous for his.

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Because being not included into the past, and because not relying upon the past, Being included by result suggests to be relying upon cause. Therefore when we want to practice Zazen, it is necessary for us to practice Zazen itself. One here suggests the One,total, whole.

Sorry for nsihijima pain. The Gautama Buddha’s teachings are just the real world, in which we are living now, and it is just the stage, on which we are playing our own drama called our life. The great personality, Gautama Buddha, when he looked at the bright star of the Venus sitting in Zazen under the Bodhi Tree, he suddenly realized the supreme Truth at once.

Dogen Sangha Blog

For example, even though they have got only an eye of nihsijima, they want to attach that the eye must be a piece of pearl. I think that in the case of the Autonomic Nervous System the miscellaneous things and phenomena can be known relying upon the function of the Autonomic Nisgijima System itseif.

Dear Readers, Mater Nishijima has not been in good health for some months. Therefore you must have a tendency to guard yourself in every case.

He is a member of the Soto Zen Buddhist Association and American Zen Teachers Association recently a group of members acted to remove him from the organization and, pending resolution of this matter, his status is a matter of debate. Usually we feel that it might be absolutely useless for us to have a kind of the Nervous System, which is absolutely unrecognizable at all.


It is completely different from what mad people are prone to indicate at all. Even though it is impossible for us to know the reason, it might be possible for us to expect the Perfectly Different Area of the World exactly. The words “red mind” suggest sincere mind, nishljima this is a description of Master Dogen’s daily life. Even though they have pretended to be the same as ordinary secular people, there is no saint who has had any kind of evil thought for getting fame or profit at all.

What will be well realized, might be what has been realized already. When we practice Gido everyday, it is perfectly impossible for us not to enter into the balanced state of the autonomic nervous system. In his memory, in place of chants or prayers, incense and flowers … I might ask simply for the sitting of Zazen.

Maybe it had to do with him talking about this other realm. Master Nishijima was ordained as a priest by the late Master Rempo Niwa, formerly head of the Soto Sect, and has written many books on Buddhism in both Japanese and in English.

The people, who are deluded, prefer one of them, but the people, who are clear in understanding, leave the problem. However you are making your efforts to stop all kinds of such secular jobs. Action and the severe pain are just belonging to physical bodies.

Therefore we should be careful to use the word “Zen. What we are always keeping, has also the character to change its direction reversely at once. If we identify the Master’s opinion to our own opinion, we can never get the Master’s opinion itself. Nothing ever seemed to make him sad or depressed. But, in the case that the ruler does not have excellent wisdom, he does not have the ability to accept the advisor’s kind opinion, and if the person, who listens to Gautama Buddha’s teachings, does not have enormously excellent ability, it must be impossible for him to accept Gautama Buddha’s advice at all.


It is not always perception is just Reality. But at the same time it might be difficult for everyone even only to take a rest.

Gudo Nishijima

Heaven is a human supposition and Hell is also a human supposition. It was, to me, acceptance with the inevitable.

Enjoy, and pay attention. In another case leaving from the sense perception again, The Individual Soul does never manifest itself. Kritee Kanko January 31, at And many Truths are the contents, which are spoken with words. And so our rather anti-historical tendency might be called the Middle Way.

Gudo Nishijima | ZEN BUDDHISM

And they are very similar to a fantastic city called Gandharva, which is not necessary in having jail. Even though they are the same articles or the different articles, both are able to be things accomplished.

How is it possible for only a title to make the serious problems? But even then, he answered me in English. In practicing Zazen for getting the truth, it is so important for us to get the true Master.

Then as such continuity, fruits have begun to move separating from seeds. Because the Action hasn’t been done, there is sometimes possibility of warning not to be done.

Pull the chin downward and backward to make the back of neck as far as possibly straight.