Tanksley said you can print and fill out form HJB or (found at www. ), or fill it out. Hjb – Fill Online,. Printable, Fillable, Blank |. PDFfiller – Joint Base. Lewis- McChord. Registration of Personal. Firearms HJB Form. ,ly. room, the HFL Form will be turned in also. ยง Registration and storage. (a) All types of personal weapons to include rifles, shotguns.

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Register weapons before target shooting on base

Call for a safe ride, no questions asked, on Friday corm Saturday nights from 9 p. To get to the skeet range, park outside Scouts Out Gate at the end of 2nd Division Range Road and walk to the range just beyond the gate.

Concealed weapon permits are not valid on JBLM. Some states have moratorium laws.

Weapons can only be carried in a vehicle when traveling to and from authorized hunting, target practice, matches or offpost locations. Any weapon can be registered. This requirement applies regardless of the state or county in which the vehicle is registered.

The registration form must be readily available at all times while a weapon is located on JBLM property. SW, Lakewoodand is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.

kauppila :: Hjb form pdf

You are considered a Washington resident when you establish a home in the state, register to vote, receive state benefits, apply for any state foorm or seek in-state tuition fees. The Department of Licensing has more than 60 offices throughout Washington where drivers are tested and licenses are issued. Additionally, vehicle operators on all DOD installations and operators of governmentowned vehicles are not authorized to use cell phones unless the vehicle is safely parked or they are using a hands-free device.


Sale or transfer must be reported to the Vehicle Registration Section. There is another hbj for general target shooting, Range 15 along East Gate Road has a covered shooting area, so the elements matter less.


Passengers 16 years of age and older are responsible for themselves. In family housing areas, the limit is 20 mph.

Action rifle targets at yards also are available, according to hib MWR website. The guard will decide whether to inspect your permit or your weapon. If your vehicle was registered at another military installation, no action is required on your part. The Provost Marshal also strongly recommends that all bicycles be registered at the Vehicle Registration Office.

There are no automatic military extensions for any territory license. And a series of well-run, low-cost outdoor ranges. For Airmen residing in the dorms, the weapons must be stored in the Armory, Building P21, Washington state law and base regulations require the use of seat belts at all times while riding in a car.

Decals are not issued with an expiration date at JBLM. Soldiers residing fork the barracks are required to store their weapon in their unit Arms Room.


When entering JBLM, vehicle occupants are required to declare the presence hjn any firearms in the vehicle. No visits to friends. The ferry system offers an inexpensive way to see the Sound, from one-day trips to weekend or longer excursions.

Use of hmb devices impairs driving and masks or prevents recognition of emergency signals, alarms, announcements, the approach of vehicles and human speech. Private companies authorized by the state to issue license plates can be found in the yellow pages. The decal is valid for access as long as it is legible. For hour information, call When driving through the gate, declare the weapons to the guard who checks your ID.

Stop at the visitor center at the Main Gate or McChord Field to register the firearms, leaving any weapons in the vehicle. Forn skeet range, with more than a dozen fields, is open from 10 a. Exceptions to the requirement to present an emission certificate include: The wearing of any other portable headphones, earphones or other listening devices except for hands-free cellular hjn while operating a motor vehicle is prohibited.

There also are benches for your range bag, ammunition and other accessories you bring. Find a nice range with a solid backstop, set up some targets and test your marksmanship with your favorite firearm.