Hyphaene thebaica is distributed from Senegal and Gambia eastwards to Somalia, and is especially common between latitudes 8°N and 12°N. The Beneficial Dietary Hypotensive and Hypolipidaemic Effects of Hyphaene Thebaica (Doum). The Internet Journal of Alternative Medicine. Volume 7 . The doum palm (Hyphaene thebaica) is a type palm tree which has a wood texture and has edible oval fruits and the origin native to upper Egypt. The trunk of.

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Also, roots, stems and leaves are used in medicine, ropes and baskets. Figure 7 Table 4: Flour made from the pericarp contains per g edible portion: Although more than 40 Hyphaene species have been recorded, the genus probably comprises only about 10 species, occurring in the drier parts of tropical and subtropical Africa, with a few species extending into the Middle East and the western coast of India.

It tends to grow along the Nile River in Egypt and Sudan in the areas which contain groundwater.

Hyphaene thebaica

Doum is one of the commonly consumed traditional beverages in Egypt and is rich in polyphenolic compounds. Cut thebaicx planks it is made into canoes and water wheels. Doum extracts treatments inhibited the activity of cyclooxygenase COX-1an enzyme known to be involved in inflammation [ 33 ].

Fruits x cm, smooth, shiny brown when ripe. Login to your personal dashboard for more detailed statistics on your publications.


Unfortunately, our editorial approach byphaene not be able to accommodate all contributions. The male inflorescence is a fodder in Sudan. Elephants and baboons eat the fruits and disperse the seeds.

Male and female flowers are produced on separate trees. Male and female flowers on separate trees.

Supplementation with a pine bark extract rich in polyphenols increases plasma antioxidant thebaifa and alters the plasma lipoprotein profile. For individuals aged 40—70 years, each increment of 20 mmHg in systolic blood pressure SBP or 10 mmHg in diastolic blood pressure DBP doubles the risk of cardiovascular disease Chobanian et al. The obtained results confirm the value of doum fruits as hematinic potentials, hypolipidemic, improve the hepato-renal functions and without side effects on the studied reproductive parameters.

An aqueous extract of the leaf showed strong radical scavenging activity.

These results are in agreement with previous study, who found that doum fruit contained contain iron Thebaida chelating activity [ 6 ]. Ash from the stem is used as a vegetable salt. Polyphenolics and fat absorption. Antioxidant activity of tannoid principles of Emblica officinalis amla in chronic stress induced changes in rat brain. Purple grape juice improves endothelial function and reduces the susceptibility of LDL cholesterol to oxidation in patients with coronary artery disease.

Back to Palm Encyclopedia. Table 1 and figure 1 showed that at the end thrbaica 3 months of the study there was highly significant P Figure 1 Table 1: Indian J Exp Biol; Statistical methods in medical research. HPLC analysis of aqueous doum fruit extracts showed 11 flavonoid compounds Figure 4. Thirty female patients of Mansoura University Hospitals aged The fruit pulp was left to dry in air at room temperature for 7 days, then grounded Dosumu et al.


The stem forms after 18—20 years.

Doum nut |

Acknowledgments The authors would like to thebaca appreciation to Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Department of Biochemistry and Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, Department of Biological and Geological Sciences for continuing cooperation to support research that provided thebaca necessary to accomplish the most wanted objectives of research. The wood of male trees is said to be hard, tough, durable and resistant to termites, but the wood of female trees is recorded to be more fibrous, less durable and more susceptible to attacks by termites and borers.

Not for the casual reader.

Waist circumference was measured because research has shown that waist jyphaene is directly associated with abdominal fat and can be used in the assessment of obesity or overweight.