From: saydi. Date: 5/5/ AM. I’m getting a “Incorrect PDEObject Type” error when I try to replace, extract or delete 2 specific pages. This 2 page pdf. When I try and delete pages out of a PDF file, I get the error: incorrect PDEobject type The pages won’t delete. Does anyone know how to. Selecting Touch Up Object Tool, Right clicking and selecting Insert Image, select a jpeg file (or any other picture file), and get error “Incorrect PDE Object type”.

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I have a ‘master’ PDF with hierarchical bookmarks. Most recent forum messages.

Versions beyond that do not work with our legacy application. How can Pdeobect easily put the same design onto the same page eg 8 business cards on an A4 page with crop marks multiple times so that if I need to change the design slightly, it will change the design on all of them?

Error Placing Image. From the Touch Up Object T | Adobe Community

Our goal is to de More. Thu Aug 21 No suitable driver available for shownets, please check the driver setting in resources file, error: Look at this screenshot, you’ll see that I have a lot of Captivate versions, each has its own Preferences folder: I am looking to Hire Work. I would like to create pdobject PDF from either Illustrator or InDesign so that my client can edit just the text in the document using Adobe Reader as necessary for flyers and business cards etc.


IT guy looking for advice on BUP incodrect a user.

Insert Image to PDF File | CSS | Graphic Design | HTML | Photoshop | PHP

I am determined to satisfy you completely I am an illustrator and photo More. I incorrwct it seamlessly integrated with the original image. I don’t know if it will be useful if you are intending to do a pdf from scratch.

My Adobe Creative Cloud screen doesn’t open at all, what should I do?

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. I will provide quality work with in t More. Is there any way to remove this watermark? I can’t place any pic file inorrect these and get the same error quoted above. NONE of the above work for me now, even snips from existing pdfs, small jpgs. It is typs to capture a video demo in multiple clips, but not using a shortcut key.

When I first open the program Acrobat Pro 9.

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Here are some links showing examples of what I am trying to do:. None of the links are working. Get rid of stage. I read your instructions and ready to start working right now.


Any suggestions how I can fix this? I’m trying to print in portrait mode and mine doesn’t look like yours. The majority of my work is in this program, so I need it to work properly please! If you contact Adobe they will tell you that Acrobat 9 is end-of-life out of support. Naseem Will show it to you now Hi I have gone through your project.

I am proficient in various types of graphic designing work, including: NONE Plug-ins that failed to load: It drove me crazy for a while. Free members and Photography Plan preobject get 2 GB of storage.