Find great deals for JBL h 18″ w RMS Neo Woofer x 8 Ohm Low Frequency Transducer. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for JBL h 18″ Speaker x 8 Ohm. Shop with confidence on eBay!. ok who have any info on jbl h. Will this LF driver be used in home stereo market besides pro. Will this LF driver replace the

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AVS Forum articles Contests. Need a little help JBL H – ported or passive?

JBL h 18″ Speaker x 8 Ohm | eBay

I picked up a H to build a Sub18 clone go with my M2 clones or close enoughs. The Sub18 specs http: Guessing from the photo ports are Let’s assume watts peak Crown XTi bridged mono I used the 3″ Precision Ports on the M2 clone so I figured a pair of the 4″ or 6″ should do the trick.

Unfortunately the port velocity is very high for the 4″ ports below 40Hz. I suspect I won’t be running near peak power except to show off the system occasionally.

Anyone know where to find a 5″ diameter flared port? Haven’t done the math on slot ports because the first goal was 2269y match the Sub18 look if you can call it that.


Come to think of it I could incorporate the slot port into a riser to get it up off the floor and eliminate the “problem” of the port consuming box volume assuming I give up on round ports.

Next thought was to look at a passive radiator. I don’t know much about them but Parts Express has an 18″ model.

JBL 2269H 18″ Low Frequency Transducer 354096-001X

Any help or advice on optimization would be appreciated. Runs out of excursion between 20 and 30 Hz depending on added mass. What does that sound like? I guess my question really come down to finding the solution that is most tolerant of being driven stupid loud at 20Hz while yielding acceptable SQ. You guys are a great resource.

Wow Don-where were you able to find the ? I’ve been kind of curious too, so I grabbed the front perspective image from the site. I’m not sure if the ports are straight ports or not.

JBL 2269h 18″ 2400w RMS Neo Woofer 354096-001x 8 Ohm Low Frequency Transducer

I’m calculating roughly 8. Keeping within the spirit of the SUB18, but going bigger cab, bigger ports, lower tuning Last edited by LTD02; at I’m not sure if a single p. I’m not sure what their impact might be on sound quality if 2629h. Probably little to no difference for a low tuned build. Originally Posted by Wrager. Originally Posted by LTD Jbll Posted by mobeer4don. No doubt bigger is better but this is going in the living room so sticking closer to the original size is a good idea.


My new CNC router is limited to about 31″ x 32″ I also have some rosewood veneer I plan to use and need to verify the dimensions before I get too far into it. Not much extra work to have the option of testing both configurations. BB code is On. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.