Dai Nippon, Catalogue of the postage stamps of the Netherlands East Indies Saros, Katalog Prangko Indonesia. In Dutch, pages in full colour, By Posthumously by About Katalog prangko Indonesia = Indonesian postage stamp catalogue(). Terakhir saya koleksi saya cek tahun Langganan koleksi ONLINE SHOP POS INDONESIA · STAMPWORLD: Katalog Prangko Online Seluruh Dunia.

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A1 N69] Painter, John W. United States Post Office Department, The one cent issues of to Springfield, Mass.: In Dutch, 14 pages.

The titles of the publications listed below are in English in order to give an indication of its content. In Dutch, 16 pages. The art of stamp collecting [electronic resource] United States Postal Service, [c].

United States Postal Service, January Prigionieri di guerra in territori Italiani durante la prima guerra mondiale Pavia, Italy: Tips for collecting stamps [electronic resource] United States Postal Service, []. Become a stamp collector: United States Postal Service, [c]. For members and others known to us, orders will be shipped immediately if the publication is available.


You wen lian yi hui, Especializado Selos postais das colonias portuguesas Porto; Lisboa: The railway, the river and the bridge. Hecht, Arthur; Holdcamper, Forrest R. In English, 14 pages.

The Philippines and Taiwanno Uncle Sam. Mesoamerican Archeology Study Unit, []. General scheme of Nebraska Washington: Resource of kataloog Month — Brookman Price Guide.

Function chops and emergency issues in the Navy area of the Japanese occupation of Dutch East Indies. Women on stamps [electronic resource] [Washington, D.

New books at the APRL: July 2017

In English, 15 pages. Akademiia Filatelilii Rossiia Zurich: In Dutch, pages in full colour, General Dai Nippon maintains an inventory of publications related to our area of philatelic interest. Naamlijst van postale etiketten In English, 6 pages.

Japan Philatelic Society Foundation.

New books at the APRL: July – Philatelic Literature & Research

First 70 pages in Dutch, last pages in Dutch and English, – Payment Options We very much karalog sending cash, as well as the use of euro cheques which incur high bank charges. The nationalist currency issue of China, including commemorative stamps and military post issues Hong Kong: List of Publications The titles of the publications listed below are in English in order to give an indication of its content.


Jones Printed by Wayle Company Nederlandse Vereniging van Poststuken- en Poststempelverzamelaars, APRL acquisitions, July Those not known to us will be sent an invoice first, and the order will be shipped after payment has been received. State postal map West Virginia [map] [Washington, D. United States official stamps San Diego, California: British North America Philatelic Society, Half in Dutch, half in English, pages.

The Struggle for Indonesian Independence. Occasionally when a publication is not listed in the inventory, it may still be possible that we infonesia where to obtain one.

katalog harga koleksi perangko kuno langka online | Perangko Kuno

In English, indonesiia, – In English, 22 pages. The three cent issues of to Springfield, Mass.: Verschuur The provisional postage due stamps of Medan. Boekema The circle overprint of Ambon.