The Showcase is Krell’s fifth generation surround sound preamp/processor, delivering the benefits of almost a decade of experience in the development of. P/N The Showcase Processor must be placed on a firm level surface where it is not . Thank you for your purchase of the Krell Showcase Processor. designed to alter or stabilize the AC power for the Showcase Amplifier. Before connecting the Thank you for your purchase of a Krell Showcase Amplifier.

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The overall character of the Showcase Processor’s sound can best be described as dramatic and even passionate–characteristics which are very appealing indeed.

Skip to main content. I was able to assign the same digital connection to two separate channels with different video inputs making switching back and forth easy. This makes things a bit easier in a dark room. But what about the healthy and growing competition in the separates arena, especially at keell lower all things being relative price points?

Krell Showcase Processor Amplifiers

Balanced capability highlights the Showcase 7 amp’s back panel, as well. Selecting the input is rather easy, but using the panel to select the surround mode and other functions takes some getting sbowcase to. These are high quality amps that don’t have the heat problems associated with many Op Amps. This item doesn’t belong on this page. There’s sgowcase an eight-channel analog input, several two-channel analog inputs including a balanced pairand two analog outputs.

You can also set up a delay kreol up to twenty seconds for layer changes or movie trailers, so that the processor doesn’t jump in and out of surround modes when there are small delays on the disc.


The soundstage was deep and clearly defined, and the system kept the bright, forward nature of the soundtrack’s treble well under control.

Krell Showcase 5 5 Channel Amplifier

Show More Show Less. The Tree Of Life. Log in or register to post comments. These allow the processor to stay in a surround mode although only two channels are present. A solid-state amp and bright, forward speakers in a live room isn’t usually a good combination anyway, so the matching issues to consider with the Showcase 7 are the same issues that shoscase most of its peers.

Sennheiser HD Headphones Review.

Krell Showcase Pre/Pro and 7 Amplifier Page 2 | Sound & Vision

There is a 7. I never needed to venture past this setting and the processor allows you to set a maximum volume level to prevent overdriving your setup. Watching movies at moderate levels of sound, the amp just cruising at these levels with large amounts of reserve. In both rooms, the midrange was tonally rich and highly kkrell. Both the Processor and the Amplifie deserve to be openly displayed for the eye to savor, showcaase should not sjowcase hidden in a cabinet. This chip is fully capable of satisfying all the needs of the current offerings of both DTS and Dolby.

Imagine – The Ultimate Edition. I spend most of my listening time watching movies, and I found myself being told to t urn down the volume level more than once. These filters allow you to dial in the sound to your room. The volume readout is relative, with 0 meaning no volume, and being maximum.

I found the crispness of the midrange made watching movies a joy, and THX processing took care of the occasional bright soundtracks. The Processor is software upgradeable, and this can be accomplished using the RS port on the back. Compared with the Showcase, the Showcase 7’s sound is easier to pinpoint. This means all the component video inputs are together and labeled one, two, three etc. Here We Go Again. Once you are finished with the initial setup, the Krell Showcase processor offers a parametric equalizer for each channel, giving an unheard of amount of flexibility to the end user.


Quality high-resolution material was outstanding in both listening environments. I happen to like Krell’s small, thin remotes, so it ,rell not a negative in my book. This means if you want the DVD input to always default shwocase 5. For each of these filters, the frequency, shape, and level can be configured.

I was not able to fully utilize this function as I would have liked. Holiday Sales Were the Strongest in Years.

It increased the depth of my soundstage quite a bit over others I have tested. Showcase Processor – After hooking up everything, and allowing appropriate break-in time, I started my listening by using it in analog bypass mode for 2-channel and multi-channel music to get a feel for the sonic signature. Here We Go Again. Room EQ is an extremely powerful tool that allows you to change and adapt the sound of the unit to your particular room and listening tastes.

The power supply features a single, massive toroid specified at 1. I asked Krell if the Showcase will be updated to the new Ultra 2 specification anytime soon, and they said that, at the present showcaae, there are no plans to do so.

Much is made of the intense competition that goes on in the receiver game, and understandably so.